This summer, two groups of students and faculty members will embark on journeys to South Africa and England. The trip to South Africa, led by Mr. and Mrs. Coale along with Ms. Anderson, will allow students to experience the country’s gorgeous countryside while exploring its culture through service projects and local school visits.Continue Reading

On March 28, the boys varsity lacrosse team set off on a five-hour drive to Nashville, Tenn. to play the two powerhouse schools of Tennessee, Ensworth and Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA). Knowing both games would be great challenges, players and coaches thought that these games would really expose the areasContinue Reading

Late yesterday afternoon, Pace Academy announced that the cafeteria will no longer be providing food to students for the rest of the year. The announcement was made by Head of School Mr. Assaf, who said, “Due to recent complications, we are not going to continue serving food during lunchtime toContinue Reading

The season of college commitments has arrived for Pace seniors and, surprisingly, for one freshman by the name of Prashanth Kumar. Prashanth has continuously impressed the Pace student body and faculty since long before his entry into the Upper School, and he’s best known as the freshman who takes seniorContinue Reading

After devastating losses ended the 2013 seasons for both the boys and girls tennis teams, both Pace squads look to their past defeats to fuel the fire that will spark a championship run in 2014. The girls team looks as strong as ever after only losing two seniors this yearContinue Reading

Pace Academy has hosted an array of dances, the most recent one being on Feb. 7. Opinions on the dances differ widely among students, and this has created, to a certain extent, some controversy around the events. Many students claim that the dances aren’t enjoyable, and tend to either stayContinue Reading

You may have recently heard a select number of Pace students unconsciously utter the words “danke” and “entshuldigung” while they talked to you or moved past you in the hallways. The words you’ve been hearing are German, and they’ve become a habit to say instead of “please” and “excuse me”Continue Reading

Some Pace students are beginning to prepare for a rapidly approaching February holiday that many believe has lost its meaning, Valentine’s Day. The festive day celebrates love and commemorates a martyr, St. Valentine. The long and confusing history of the holiday contains many different stories as to how the holiday originated, but theContinue Reading

The dreaded SAT and ACT tests provide a way for students to distinguish themselves in the college admissions process while also allowing the colleges to establish their standards for applicants. Many argue that aside from sheer intelligence, there are many ways to enhance performance on these standardized tests. Some believeContinue Reading

With the Pace boys and girls basketball seasons gearing up, students, players and coaches have begun to formulate expectations and aspirations for this year’s teams. As excitement continues to build in the weeks leading up to the season’s official start, students are hoping for exceptional seasons from both varsity squads. “TheContinue Reading

Every Sunday since Sept. 8, a team of Pace Academy lacrosse players have ventured out to Lassiter High School to challenge other varsity teams and develop their skills. There are 14 other schools participating in this fall league. Pace Academy’s record is 3-2 after playing Kell, Hillgrove, Woodstock, Sequoyah, andContinue Reading

“The Diamond Knights are looking exceptional this year, and are always improving,” said Coach Palmerton of the Pace varsity girls softball team. The players have had to face an array of problems throughout this season, but they have met those hardships and overcome them. A major challenge was the completeContinue Reading

With the 2013-2014 fantasy football season kicking off, many Pace students are eagerly awaiting the start of the season. One can hear fantasy football banter throughout the halls of the Academy as many students prepare their draft strategies and prospective tips, while getting advice from online articles, reports, and fromContinue Reading