As spring heats up, so does the tennis competition in the state of Georgia. Aside from alumnus Matthew Seaman graduating in 2015, the boys varsity tennis team brought back most of the state finalists from last year. After suffering a heartbreaking loss in the state championship in 2015, the KnightsContinue Reading

As the Class of 2016 graduates, this school year will go down in the record books. With many outstanding students, state champions, artists and performers, Pace will miss this group of individuals. Along with the students, one man stands out: Brooks Fleming. Mr. Fleming has been the dean of the 2016 classContinue Reading

As the historic 2015-2016 basketball season ends, their season leaves a mark on the whole Pace community. One man in particular felt inspired by the state championship team’s performance. Pete Pope, English teacher extraordinaire, decided to come out of retirement and return to Ecuador, where he previously played professionally inContinue Reading

This school year has brought both successes in the arts department and the athletic department for Pace Academy. Two Pace students now stand out for their superb singing talent in the state of Georgia, as junior Carson Myers and sophomore Ibum Obu have been selected to the All-State Chorus for the 2015-2016Continue Reading

As memories of winning State in 2014 are still fresh in the minds of upperclassmen on the varsity girls soccer team, the squad turns their attention to the 2016 season. The “Sisterhood,” as the team was called in 2014, has lost most of the sister pairings, including the Abdullah sisters, theContinue Reading

When the NFL playoffs kicked off, most fans were excited for the “win or go home” situations; however, some fans were disappointed as the playoffs were a sign of the end of a fantasy football season. “It was a getaway from my struggles on the actual football field,” said sophomore GavinContinue Reading

The basketball gym is full of the sounds of squeaking shoes, yelling coaches and bouncing balls; however, the chants of the basketball cheerleaders are one of the more prominent sounds in the gym, no matter what the level of the sport. Last year the Knights basketball team was without the supportContinue Reading

Whether it’s relaxing after getting ahead on homework, or taking a break from studying for a test, the underclassmen use the three chessboards on the lower level of the Woodruff Library to ease their tired minds. Sometimes Pace academics overwhelm students, but Head Librarian Mr. Ball has provided the students with aContinue Reading

Water splashes, whistles blow and coaches yell as the Pace Academy varsity swimming and diving team undergoes another grueling practice. Swimming and diving, one of the most tiring sports, has been a huge success at Pace in the past few years. With college-level talent such as Gwynnie LaMastra ’14 whoContinue Reading

As the volleyball nets go down and the basketball hoops return, a feeling of excitement grows among Pace community. Last year, the mens varsity basketball team captured the admiration of the school community after the squad combined 27 wins with humbleness. Unfortunately, the post-season ended early for the Knights, down southContinue Reading

Tucked away inside the musty weight room, under the thundering floor of the Boyd Gym hides the key to a successful sports team: the athletic training room. An injury dejects all athletes, but Pace has assembled a force of trainers who will brighten the athlete’s day and return them to competition asContinue Reading

As the sun sets and players hear final words of encouragement from their coaches, the Walsh Field bleachers slowly fill up with students eager for another win for the PAK (Pace Academy Knights). With an increasing number of wins in football, cross country, basketball, soccer and tennis (just to name a few), studentsContinue Reading

Entering high school can be daunting for most freshmen, but Pace’s freshman retreat paves the way to a more comfortable beginning. “[The trip] was extremely helpful in starting high school,” said freshman Gillian Weitzner. Whether it is high up on ropes courses or sliding down the waterside, the experiences are designed to easeContinue Reading