As the school year inches closer to finishing, students’ summer plans begin to become realities. Some will travel with family, others will work as interns, but one of the most enticing opportunities for Pace students are the Isdell Center for Global Leadership Study Tours. Different groups of students will head toContinue Reading

As summer approaches, the excitement of students begins to grow as they formulate their summer plans. What students don’t realize is that teachers share their excitement. Students and teachers have much in common, as they will travel, study and relax before heading back to school in August. Along with touring the worldContinue Reading

Often compared to legendary sportscasters such as Vince Scully and Verne Lundquist, junior Will Nulty and senior Jack Wallace have decided to take their sports broadcasting talents to a new level. After their recent exponential growth in subscribers, the KnightFlix duo has begun to rival the giants in the field of sportsContinue Reading

There’s a new social media craze at the Academy: teachers are spying on their students behind fake accounts. Students are often followed by “ghost students,” or students who claim to go to other schools, but after further investigation these ghost students are actually Pace teachers attempting to get a closer look at students’Continue Reading

Throughout the first two grueling months of second semester, most students look forward to the one-week haven at the beginning of March: spring break. Pace families will travel to places such as Sea Island, Deer Valley or the Bahamas, along with many other parts of the world. In recent years, participating inContinue Reading

Although Pace requires a faculty member to be the head coach for every varsity team, almost all varsity teams need additional expertise, such as girls soccer, football and both lacrosse teams. This expertise is provided by a community coach, someone from outside of Pace who is hired just to coach a team,Continue Reading

If you’re looking for a date on Feb. 14, look no further than junior Realus “Booman” George. Whether it’s dropping bars on Soundcloud or laying the hammer on the football field, Realus can be your dream date.  Although Realus’ hard-hitting reputation may precede him, he can be your “boo” forContinue Reading

As winter approaches, fans can expect the beginning of one of Pace’s most grueling sports: wrestling. During the first few months of school, any wrestling prospect is asked by head coach Mark Sommerville, “Will I see you wrestling this year?” but only few students accept the challenge. This year theContinue Reading

As the holidays approach, I become restless thinking about the upcoming exams, religious celebrations and New Year’s resolutions. These are some of the questions that keep me up at night during this season. 1) Does anyone actually drink eggnog? 2) Who is Hanukkah Harry? 3) Will there be “mini-mesters” without J-Day?Continue Reading

After a historic 2015-2016 year for Pace athletics, in which both boys varsity football and basketball won the state championship for the first time in history, the varsity girls volleyball players have taken another historic step in athletics. With consecutive Elite Eight appearances in 2014 and 2015, the team was poised for successContinue Reading

As the leaves begin to turn and dropping temperatures start to chill the bones, the Academy knows spookiness is in the air. Halloween, one of the most popular holidays, is quickly approaching, and some in the student body already have their costumes planned. Students and faculty have a history of greatContinue Reading

Signaling a new school year, the FAC filled with shrill whistles and toilet paper on Aug. 17 as the Class of 2017 stormed in, celebrating the beginning of their senior year. As the Dark Knights have risen and fallen, a new reign of Roya17y at Pace has begun. The step upContinue Reading