Thirteen years is a lot of time. Whether it’s spent in a job, living in a city or in a relationship, 13 years makes up a significant portion of someone’s life. For an 18-year-old “lifer” like me, 13 years represents all of my remembered life so far. That means forContinue Reading

Pace Academy basketball legend and 5-star recruit Wendell Carter Jr. has been tabbed by Warner Bros. to star in a remake of the 1996 classic Loony Toons and Michael Jordan mashup “Space Jam.” Wendell was ecstatic about the opportunity. “When they (Warner Bros.) asked me to be the new faceContinue Reading

In a recent opinion poll, Pace students and faculty were asked, “Who is Pace’s biggest rival?” The poll asked students to consider academic, athletic and artistic standards when voting. The Lovett School won in a landslide, obtaining 68% of the votes, due to recent rivalries in both football and basketball. OtherContinue Reading

KN: So y’all have known each other for a long time. When did you start dating? Kayla Ross: We started dating in October. KN: What do Julia and Alex (Ross) think about this? Sammy Lettes: They probably don’t love it. KR: I think they’re pretty supportive. KN: Has it made yourContinue Reading

Any casual fan could see the way the game was going to go in warm-ups. Darlington, jumpy and nervous, looked like they might not be ready for the playoff stage. The visiting Knights, however, looked calm and collected, trusting their talent to take down the Tigers. As soon as theContinue Reading

Despite playing on a Thursday night in a massive, almost empty behemoth of a stadium against a team that almost knocked them out of a playoff spot last year, Pace varsity football (8-2, 5-2 region) took down the B.E.S.T. Academy Eagles (2-8, 1-6 region) last Thursday night in their last regularContinue Reading

The spy, the martini, the car and the girl. Unlike ‘Skyfall’ (2012), the last installment in Ian Fleming’s James Bond series that went far outside the mold of a traditional Bond movie, the Sam Mendes-directed ‘Spectre’ followed all of the familiar twists and turns that Bond fans know and love. TheContinue Reading