The 2015-2016 academic year will see the Pace community saying goodbye to four integral members of the upper school faculty and staff: Neva Morrison, Jonathan Day, Tommy Hattori and Lee Nuckolls. All three have made significant contributions to Pace and they will be sorely missed. Mrs. Morrison is retiring from her position as upper school registrar.Continue Reading

The Opening, hosted by Nike, is coming soon this summer. Each year, the billion-dollar shoe company hosts regional  football camps across the United States in search of performances from some of the nation’s top amateur talent. A select group of high school players are chosen to attend and compete in The Opening, highContinue Reading

Senior Xori Johnson describes himself as a lifelong perfectionist. “My primary desire was to just make high quality music,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that every song that I put out was perfect in my eyes.” From a young age, Xori has committed himself to doing his absolute best in everything he does,Continue Reading

There are many things to look forward to during the first semester of a Pace Academy school year: reuniting with friends and teachers, football games on Friday nights, the annual Homecoming dance and the musicals and plays. The list goes on and on. A lot of fun happens during the firstContinue Reading

  “I am member of Green Team because I want to create a more sustainable future in my community through education and service.” This is the sound of a trendsetter. These are the words of a difference maker. This is someone who cares about setting a high standard for environmentalContinue Reading

Inside Pace Academy’s Inman Center and adjacent to the athletics office sits a room that is home to 107 new tenants for the 2015-16 academic year. Inside, members of the Class of 2016 can be seen crowded around televisions playing video games such as “Guitar Hero” and “Madden NFL.” OthersContinue Reading

Room 101 in The Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School is  home to a new tenant for the 2015-2016 school year.  Upper school science teacher Brianna Korb now oversees the activity occurring in Pace Academy’s first robotics elective class, an expansion stemming from Pace’s robotics club, the RoboKnights. “The roboticsContinue Reading

Flashback to an elementary school in 2000 or 2001. The teacher, Ms. Angelo, calls upon her class of thirty first-graders to draw a picture of their favorite animal. About 20 minutes pass and the majority of the students finish their assignment. As the teacher reviews the pictures, she comes across oneContinue Reading

The humid Atlanta weather is beginning to take its toll on its inhabitants as spring advances toward summer. The climate is becoming more suited for shorts and T-shirts as temperatures top 80˚F; and while the sun warms the South, the recruiting process has heated up for many Pace Academy non-senior student-athletes. From theContinue Reading