I started at Pace in ninth grade, and I knew seven people. Let’s just say the freshman retreat was rough. Since then, though, Pace has given me hundreds of reasons to love it. I know without a doubt I would never be who I am today without my four shortContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hi Bailey! S0 people say you’re really funny. How do you think you earned that reputation? Bailey O’Sullivan: Just by being a savage. I don’t just turn it on and off; I’m always on. KN: In honor of April Fool’s, what’s the best prank you’ve ever done? BO:Continue Reading

Usually, no one knows what goes on behind the doors of Room 101: the yearbook classroom. Students walk by to find Mr. Vihlen guarding the windows of Pace’s own secret society, ensuring that no crucial information escapes. However, there has recently been a leak. Although well known for its all-female staffContinue Reading

Every year, Pace students enter their written works into the Scholastic Writing Awards competition. The first round is a regional competition, where winners of the “Gold Key” awards will pass on to the next round, where their works will be considered for national awards. This year, senior Anna Hoffman wonContinue Reading

Pace is fortunate to have three incredibly talented art teachers on staff to teach and guide students. Mr. Knott, Mr. Bloodworth and Mr. Dorman all spend countless hours working with students helping them follow their passion. These teachers also have art careers of their own. All three are professionals who createContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hi! How long have you two been dating? Retta Carolin: Um… about four months, I think. Spencer Hemmingway: Yeah, it’s four months. KN: OK, how did you meet? RC: Well, I wanted to ask him to PDC freshman year, but then someone else asked him. KN: Darn, tooContinue Reading

This year, Pace welcomed an array of new faculty members, including a new head of the girls basketball program, Coach Brian Jones. Coach Jones isn’t simply the girls basketball head coach, however, as he has multiple roles at Pace, including varsity track and field coach, lower and middle school PE coach andContinue Reading

Mr. Carson asked members of his Creative Writing class to reflect on the upper school assembly on Jan. 21., featuring “At the Table with Dr. King.” The program was a multi-media experience featuring award-winning musicians, singers and a national champion slam poet paired with historic images and audio from the Civil Rights movement. “I likedContinue Reading

When most people think of Taylor Swift they think of the classic, country, “Tear Drops on My Guitar,” boy-crazy T-Swizzle. With her previous album Red she started to change it up, losing some of her trademark twang. Her newest album, 1989, named for the year she was born, reflects a completeContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey! So, how has your year been going so far? Donn Boddie: It’s been going pretty well. I’ve met a lot of new people since it’s my first year here. KN: How has the transition from middle to high school been? DB: It’s been a really different transition,Continue Reading

Shooting and guns are controversial subjects nowadays, which is why many students were surprised to see a Shooting Club booth at this year’s Club Fair. Club founder, junior Jared Goldman, and his faculty sponsor Mr. Canfield both believed it was time to bring back the Shooting Club to Pace. Jared’sContinue Reading

In the U.S., there is one life path that people are expected to take in order to be highly successful. Trained to believe that there is only one option, students flow mindlessly from high school, to college, to graduate school, to their job. However, this path isn’t always the rightContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hello! So, you’re new to Pace this year as a junior. Where did you live before you came to Pace? Max Sharpe: Before I lived in Georgia, I lived in Madrid, Spain. KN: Wow! What was your favorite part about living there? MS: This is going to soundContinue Reading