During the protests of 2020, a new chant came to hold just as much importance as Black Lives Matter: “Defund the police!”  Defunding the police is not a new idea – it has existed at least since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Prison abolitionists and critics of theContinue Reading

In a stunning turn of events, Pace has named art teacher Donice Bloodworth’s French bulldog, Reina, the school mascot. She replaces the lovable Sir Winsalot, the long-time ambassador of Pace for athletics and other events. For decades, Pace has been the Knights; however, the administration decided that a change wasContinue Reading

During the Trump administration’s time in office, various issues have come to the forefront of the nation’s thought; one in particular, however, has haunted discussion regarding the value of human life. According to Time, the Trump administration began executing federal prisoners again for the first time after a 17-year hiatusContinue Reading

After Nov. 3, the presidential election was not the only subject of hot debate. Georgia’s Senate elections have captured the attention of the entire country these past few weeks. The Democrats flipped two Senate seats in the November election with Mark Kelly’s win in Arizona and John Hickenlooper’s win inContinue Reading

After John Lewis’ passing on July 17 of this year, the Democratic Party immediately moved to replace his spot on the ballot. (He was up for reelection for his Congressional seat this year.) But can John Lewis ever truly be replaced?  Not only serving as a U.S. Congressperson for 33Continue Reading

This summer, the Pace community watched as marches and protests for racial justice spread across our country and the rest of the world. One such march happened right in front of our school, on West Paces Ferry. However, as we addressed the injustices of the outside world, we began toContinue Reading

Many parents dream of having a gifted child. They play classical music for them in the womb, hire services like Kumon and Khan Academy for them, and jump at the opportunity for gifted classes. Though these students are undoubtedly being put in a good position to succeed academically, how doesContinue Reading

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a major toll on our society, and not just socially. Several adjustments were made to academic plans, including the Advanced Placement (AP) exams. For the 2020 testing period, most students in AP courses will take a 45-minute exam, consisting of free response questions. The examsContinue Reading

Since the beginning of President Trump’s term, America has truly been made great again. Countless improvements have been made to our country’s economy and society. His presidency has brought America together as people rally behind him, rather than splitting along party lines which many presidents have experienced before him.  Trump’sContinue Reading

Minorities have felt alienated and different in all-white/straight/cisgender spaces since integration first came to the South. Though Pace has been getting much better diversity-wise, there’s still a long way to go before we can call ourselves a truly accepting and diverse community. Until that day, affinity groups are necessary partsContinue Reading