On April 18th, Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle released a detailed report, unveiling her decision to officially void the mask mandate on a national level. Although the CDC had announced that masks would be required for air travel through May 3rd, this decision unexpectedly arrived, bringing joy and fear to manyContinue Reading

Matt Reeves’s explosive film, “The Batman,” shocked audiences, introducing fans to a grittier, darker Gotham overwhelmed with the sadistic murders of The Riddler. Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is portrayed by Robert Pattinson. In this film, he must come to terms with his past, uncovering corruption and layers ofContinue Reading

Torrential downpours … lightning strikes … the forecasts predict terrible weather for this fall. Due to the inclement conditions, the TEDx Conference has to be canceled. Upper School English Teacher and Head of the Conference Robert Kaufman announced the decision on Thursday, expressing his lament and disappointment in the globalContinue Reading

When your friend mentions the word “billionaire,” you probably instantly think of Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. But what about Elizabeth Holmes? On Jan. 3, she was found guilty on four of her 11 charges. The jury concluded that she was to be held responsible on one countContinue Reading

Cue the National Football League (NFL) theme music, hop into your favorite seat and get ready for a wild Sunday of tossing the pigskin. Every week, millions of people across the nation engage in the most important duels of their lives: head-to-head matchups in fantasy football. Hoping to get touchdownContinue Reading

Over Labor Day, the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced audiences to Shang-Chi: the first Asian American superhero on the silver screen. Portrayed by Simu Liu, the film follows Shang-Chi on his journey as he reconnects with his past, uncovering secrets about his family. On opening weekend, the movie brought in aContinue Reading

The varsity girls tennis team defeated Lovett at Berry College in Rome, Georgia on May 8 to win the state championship and become back-to-back champions. “The girls were disappointed last year when we didn’t have the chance to defend our title, so it was especially nice to do it thisContinue Reading

Although COVID-19 has plagued the world for over a year, awards ceremonies have managed to adjust to the novel conditions. The Golden Globes, which took place this past February, followed the protocols and held a virtual celebration; however, the Grammys, which honors those in the music industry, held an in-person,Continue Reading

Swinging along high rises across the city, Ms. Helen Smith, historian and Model UN adviser by day, vigilante by night, hunts down the dirtiest criminals in Atlanta. For years, she has secretly patrolled the streets, taking down bank robbers, carjackers and others who have wreaked havoc and brought violence toContinue Reading

It has officially been one year since everyone in the U.S. was forced to remain in their homes due to the spreading of the coronavirus. It was a year of masks, isolation, social change and unemployment. An entire year of everyone’s lives was consumed by COVID-19, an entire year whereContinue Reading