Knight Capital has been a well-respected club in the Pace community and has donated nearly $11,000 of student-earned profits to Pace over the years. The club has even started a teaching award. However, things have taken a turn for the worse when massive corruption was recently uncovered. The club isContinue Reading

Senior Jay Kumar has long been serenading the Pace community with his celestial renditions of “Sunday Morning” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” but he will now be serenading the world. On March 5, Jay Z was visiting Goldberg’s at “Way Pay” when he heard “the voice of anContinue Reading

Eight Fridays a year the student body is handed a copy of The Knightly News by staff members after assembly, but not many students know exactly what goes into making the school’s award-winning print editions of the newspaper. The fifteen members of the staff monopolize the computer lab every DContinue Reading

Knightly News: So, you have been together for a long time. Josh Sloan: Nine months. KN: How was your first date? JS: Our first date was way before we officially started dating. AM: It was horrible! We went to a movie at 4 o’clock. JS: It was a really badContinue Reading

The two semesters at Pace end with a week of burdensome exams that create a stressful atmosphere, contribute to students’ anxiety and do more harm than good. The upper school exam policy needs to be changed in order to help students as well as teachers. Exams test a student’s abilityContinue Reading

Getting a robot to hang from a bar that is two and a half feet off the ground is no small feat. Nevertheless, Pace’s robotics team, the Roboknights, is determined to do just that. The Roboknights, composed of sophomore Rohan Malik, junior Jonathan Spalten and sophomore Andrew Wu, compete againstContinue Reading

With students who attend a prestigious academic institution with excellent arts and sports programs, one would expect there to be more school spirit. School spirit — pride and enthusiasm for attending the school you go to — is mostly missing from Pace Academy, and the school spirit that exists forContinue Reading

There is nothing more fearsome and intimidating to high school seniors than college application essays. While it is impossible to condense all of one’s dreams, passions, and personality into an essay in under 650 words, the prompts allow for some creativity. Many colleges do not want an essay restating theContinue Reading

Knightly News: How has senior year been so far? Hunter Cesinger: It has actually been pretty cool so far. Mr. Gannon keeps telling us to tuck in our shirts or he will take away our off campus, but I already don’t have off campus, so it’s kind of like freeContinue Reading

On Oct. 9, three seniors from Westminster came to Pace to give an assembly about the human rights violations in North Korea. Below are two student responses to the assembly:   Today’s assembly had a significant and profound effect on my opinions. Never before have I seen North Korea humanized,Continue Reading

The Pace Academy Board of Diversity (PABD) wants students to know that diversity is more than race. PABD, which was officially formed second semester last year by current senior Nathan Sokolic, has redefined the vision of diversity at Pace. “This plan got students, faculty and administrators involved to work togetherContinue Reading