When I think of hygiene in the past, my brain is instantly flooded with the stench of historical B.O. It is a well-known fact that sanitation standards (both public and personal) were less than ideal. Luckily, we’ve come around to socially-obligatory bathing and grooming, but this was only achieved afterContinue Reading

When it comes to Pace theatre, dedication is key. This rings especially true for the Upper School’s upcoming production of “Shrek the Musical.” During a rehearsal on Sunday, Feb. 27, it was announced to the cast that simply playing their characters would not be enough. From then on, they wouldContinue Reading

At Pace, time management is crucial. With numerous clubs, sports and other outside responsibilities, many students choose to spend their free periods doing homework or studying. When their work is done, however, what is a student supposed to do? For many in the Upper School, playing games is the answer. Continue Reading

Though social media has a knack for its targeted ads, sometimes they miss the mark. My Instagram algorithm somehow got the idea that I was into running, and for months filled my feed with advertisements for The Conqueror Virtual Challenges, a program that rewards users for running with a realContinue Reading

On 625B H Street in Washington D.C., roughly fifteen minutes away from the Lincoln Memorial, there is a Starbucks. While the store’s menu and pricing are similar to its other locations, it lacks one thing: talking. That’s because this location, known as a Signing Starbucks, commences almost all of itsContinue Reading

When it comes to the lives of celebrities, everyone seems to have an opinion. One of the more recent celebrity dramas involves comedian John Mulaney’s recent divorce from Anna Marie Tendler and has been the subject of much online attention. A hashtag named after this divorce has 359.5 thousand viewsContinue Reading

Unbeknown to many, if not nearly everyone, Aug. 17 was the annual National Thrift Shop Day. Though this day is hardly anything more than a deal at your local Goodwill, thrift shopping has been prevalent for over a century and is still a popular choice today. For centuries, clothes wereContinue Reading

In an age of accessible technology and innovation, more teenagers began down the path of entrepreneurship. According to research performed by Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young LLP, 6% of teenage boys began their own businesses, compared to the 4% of teenage girls who did the same. Platforms such asContinue Reading

Nearly every year, Apple releases a new iPhone. Millions of phones are sold, and billions of dollars are made. On average, Americans will replace their phones every 2-3 years. But why stop there? In my opinion, phone replacements should only be done every 5 years. It’s better for the environmentContinue Reading

Early into the pandemic, the government of Zimbabwe authorized the use of traditional medicine to treat COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization, “Traditional medicine refers to the knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures, used in the maintenance of health andContinue Reading