Seniors are often eager to get out of the house and head off to college by the time May rolls around, but having to leave their second home, the Academy, elicits a different reaction. The “Lifers” make up a third of the senior class and know nothing else besides Pace. They willContinue Reading

Dylan Abbott – University of Colorado Boulder Carolina Abdullah – University of Miami Brittany Allen – Oral Roberts University Hank Assaf – University of Notre Dame Morgan Baker- Tulane University Drew Beck – Wofford College Julia Beck – Middlebury College Josh Blank – Elon University Jeri Brand – Reed CollegeContinue Reading

With the coming of spring, the Academy fills with a renewed energy – hopeful of the promise of warmer weather, college decisions (for some), new sports seasons and eventually, summer. While the spring semester is sure to be busy for most, make sure to spend some time outside. The perfectContinue Reading

Star wrestler Jack Walsh began his wrestling career in fourth grade when Coach Sommerville convinced him to try out. He stuck with the sport because “it’s just you on the mat. You get to wrestle and whoever wins is the better wrestler.” Since then he has come a long way, finishingContinue Reading

For many of the bachelors and bachelorettes at Pace, Valentine’s Day can be a day-long reminder of their alone-ness.  However, it doesn’t need to be. Valentine’s Day for singles is just another excuse to hang out with friends and appreciate good company. Below is a list of some of the many waysContinue Reading

With exams in just three days, hopefully, you’ve already been preparing for a while. Just like any important task, it is key to have a plan going into the exams. In order to get through the week and still be a functioning human being by break, include every aspect ofContinue Reading

Affecting nearly 90% of the female population, Ugg boots are the new Pace plague. Although there are many different mutations – including sequin and animal print – chestnut, tan and black are the main strains. This calamity can begin at a frighteningly young age, as Ugg makes boots for childrenContinue Reading

You see the mascot at every sporting event. He hangs out with all the cheerleaders and is friends with every lower schooler at Pace Academy. “The little kids love the Knight,” said Headmaster Mr. Assaf. “It’s the most asked question: ‘Who is the Knight?’” Truly a celebrity on the Pace campus,Continue Reading

With some of the busiest and most stressful weeks quickly approaching, students yearn for the few days of Thanksgiving break to decompress, prepare for the next week of school, and share a feast with family and friends. However, this period of much-needed relaxation is often interrupted by nosy relatives, homework,Continue Reading

As Halloween gets nearer and anticipation grows for one of America’s favorite holidays, Pace students will look for ways to spend the three-day weekend that begins with Halloween this year. One great way to properly enjoy the holiday known for its spookiness and excitement is to cozy up with some hot appleContinue Reading

On Sept. 23, upper school students participated in the second annual Unplug Day, sponsored by the Student Advisory Board (SAB). The day was designed to bring awareness to an issue that affects nearly everyone at Pace: overuse of technology. SAB boldly challenged students to give up their phone for anContinue Reading

Pace welcomed seven new teachers to the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School this year, along with head basketball coach Brian Jones. Each coming from very different backgrounds, all of the new faculty and staff bring something special to the table. The word “welcoming” comes up often when asking theContinue Reading