The smell of powdered wigs wafted through Philadelphia as the Second Continental Congress convened. On July 2, 12 of the 13 colonies voted in favor of independence from Great Britain. Two days later Congress adopted the document written by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert R.Continue Reading

Although senior Jonathan Rushton was already five feet tall in pre-first, he was hesitant to talk to some of his classmates in Patti Alexander’s class during the first week of school. His feelings of discomfort were instantly washed away when he began his friendship with senior Charlie Stonecipher. “He wasContinue Reading

Two taps to the side of the stick and the small light shines green, yellow or red. Your JUUL electronic cigarette is ready for action. The JUUL wave has swept the nation and has also reached parts of China. JUUL e-cigarettes are increasingly popular with teenagers and college-aged students. TheContinue Reading

The highly anticipated comeback of golf super-star Tiger Woods has come to an end. Woods’ career was marked by tremendous success, incredible wealth and colossal setbacks. Given his accomplishments, Woods is clearly one of the best golfers to ever play the game, if not the greatest of all time. WoodsContinue Reading

Since the Isdell Center for Global Leadership kicked off in 2015, Pace students and faculty have taken a new approach to global learning. Each year, a handful of students are selected to be the ICGL Scholars of the Upper School. Part of their role as ICGL scholars is to travel,Continue Reading

Virtually every member of the Pace community remembers the charismatic, 6’10” senior who brightened our campus – on the court, on the stage and in the classroom. His name is Wendell Carter, Jr., and his journey has continued at Duke University. Carter was a two-time GHSA state champion, a McDonald’sContinue Reading

After a year of President Donald Trump in office, the U.S. has undergone significant changes. President Trump has gotten himself into some precarious battles that have made it hard for many Americans to take him seriously. Whether it be taking shots at media icon Lavar Ball, the National Football League,Continue Reading

As Valentine’s Day approaches, ladies at the Academy are scrambling to find a date. Feb. 14 is only 12 days away, and the Knightly News’ most eligible bachelor is highly valued. His easy-going personality, inquisitive mind and dashing style have distinguished him from the rest of the single men inContinue Reading

Knightly News fanatics, you may remember last year’s segment of “What Grinds My Gears (WGMG)” by former Managing Editor Jonathan Rushton. WGMG is back, focusing on the frustrations that come with the Fall and Winter seasons. Here is what grinds my gears (and maybe grinds yours as well). Christmas decorationsContinue Reading

The Pace Academy wrestling team hopes to have the best season they’ve had in years. After beloved head coach Mark Sommerville stepped down from the program, math teacher and Dean of Students Gus Whyte and history and Latin teacher Grady Stevens have taken the reigns of the program. The team has theContinue Reading

The Pace varsity softball team achieved an impressive 16-9 record this year, 10-3 in region play, and advanced yet again to the AAA playoffs. Senior captain Presley Marxmiller led the team with her talent and experience playing the game. She was first on the team in slugging percentage with aContinue Reading

The squeaking of feet and pounding of spiked volleyballs echoed throughout the lower level of the Inman Center as the Pace Academy varsity girls volleyball team began practice in early August. With a devastating loss in the AAA state championship last year still haunting them, the Knights had their eyesContinue Reading

As the autumn leaves turn and temperatures begin to drop, Pace Academy students travel to cheer on their favorite college football teams. Local favorites like the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech and the Bulldogs of University of Georgia always attract fans, but many football fanatics venture much farther than MidtownContinue Reading