Esports, electronic sports centered around competitive video gaming, have become a billion dollar industry in just the last couple of years. Now officially recognized by the Georgia High School Association as a varsity sport, almost 80 high schools in Georgia alone have participated in its first official season this spring. AfterContinue Reading

The Knightly News recently conducted a senior grade-wide survey about the college admissions process. Out of 119 students, 79 responded to questions, from the type of school they will be attending in the fall to how many colleges they were admitted to. A small majority of seniors applied to fiveContinue Reading

Freedom of expression comes in various forms. Hair color, jewelry and clothing style are just a few examples of characteristics people alter to show their personality. Makeup falls in the same category. The multibillion dollar cosmetics industry has taken over social media, with makeup artists getting millions of views andContinue Reading

Each year, the upper school fine arts department honors its brightest stars by recognizing them as arts laureates. From singing to ceramics to dance, the arts laureates represent the broad talents that so many Pace students possess. This year, the arts department will honor 12 new laureates, including four fromContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Carly! Carly Irvine: Hey! KN: How are you doing today? CI: I’m just great. Thanks for asking. KN: So, everyone at Pace knows you are a great athlete and runner. How long have you been a part of the cross country team? CI: I’ve been on itContinue Reading

Imagine this: you’re sitting across from Pace Academy’s most eligible bachelor while eating the Cheesecake Factory’s delicate Oreo Dream Extreme. The aspiring rapper, professional NFL player, game designer, wealthy investor and business executive across the table from you compliments your mind and beautiful personality. You then continue the dream dateContinue Reading

More than 5 billion television shows aired in 2018, according to TV Guide. Statista reported that over the past decade, the number of scripted original TV series has doubled. Despite the massive influx of television offerings this past year, a few iconic series rose above the others in their level ofContinue Reading

“Homelessness is a situation, not a character trait,” said Regina Jennings, Director of Support Services at Covenant House of Georgia, in an effort to squash a common misconception. The Covenant House provides housing, medical services and meals for homeless and trafficked youth. On Nov. 30, close to 40 Pace students, teachers andContinue Reading

Engaging with the Atlanta community’s service organizations is not only a 40-hour requirement in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. It’s also a passion and major activity for many students. Volunteerism allows people to become active members of their community and help those in need, and participation can spurContinue Reading

Junior Ada Jane Agolli is the 6-foot-3 product of two European professional volleyball players, Artan and Ogerta Agolli. Her parents have been both role models and her biggest supporters through her volleyball career. After four years of playing competitively at her club and three years at Pace, she has decidedContinue Reading

Pace has played a major role in the Wallace Buice Theatre Company’s production of “Parade,” a musical which is set to premiere on Sept. 27 at the Lyric Studio in Marietta. The Tony Award-winning show, written by Alfred Uhry with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown, takes place in early 20thContinue Reading