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New Teachers Join Pace

This year, Pace welcomed five new teachers and coaches to the Upper School community: Anna Bush, Danny Doyle, Brianna Korb,..

A Pace Senior’s Dreams

Senior Kelly McAninch wants to be a nurse anesthetist, meaning a nurse who helps deliver anaesthesia to patients during surgery...

Friday Knight Lights

The lights are on, the field is painted, and the Knights’ football season is under way. Following a 9-2 record..

iPad Mania Sweeps Pace

If Mr. Day’s iPad-aided convocation address showed anything, it is that this is going to be a tech-heavy school year...

2012: End of the World?

Continents begin to fracture, New York collapses into the depths of the ocean, California is violently ripped off the mainland..

Pace, Get Excited!

A Disco Pogo remix blared while 86 seniors screamed and 111 freshmen sat stunned. On the first day of school,..