After making their mark on Pace Academy for 13 years, the Class of 2020 is now graduating and traveling across the country to dozens of colleges, ready to take on the next stage in their lives. This class will go down in Pace history not only for their academic, athleticContinue Reading

I don’t really remember my last day of physical high school, mostly because I didn’t realize at the time that it would be my last day. It was a half-day, with each class mostly consumed by troubleshooting our newly downloaded Zoom platform. And then it was over. I got myContinue Reading

On the first day back from spring break, as students excitedly reunited with friends and filed into assembly, Head of Upper School Michael Gannon rose to make an announcement. A hush fell over the crowd until it was broken by a single scream from the back row. Two students whoContinue Reading

Imagine being under constant surveillance. Your location, your movements, and where you have spent every minute of every day is logged and shared. How fast you drive, when you brake or accelerate suddenly, what percentage your battery is charged, and whenever you leave a location – everything is shared withContinue Reading

An enigma, a paradox, a woman of mystery. All these terms and more come to mind when thinking of Pace’s 2020 most eligible bachelorette, senior Maya Kaplan. Often spotted socializing in the Seaman Family Student Commons, working diligently in the Woodruff Library, or frolicking on the soccer pitch as anContinue Reading

Most high schoolers spend their time bouncing between school, home and team practices. But senior Ben Tolliday has chosen to pursue a very different and incredibly rigorous path – IRONMAN training. IRONMAN triathlons are a series of long-distance triathlon races that take place all over the world. They involve aContinue Reading

In 2016, Pace was shaken by the devastating loss of juniors Parker Berman and Stephen Walker to suicide. For our school, it brought close to home one of the most concerning problems of our generation: soaring rates of reported depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. And although much hasContinue Reading

Pace has an enormous variety of community engagement opportunities, and dozens of students in the Upper School have served as community engagement leaders. But for senior Klara Andra-Thomas, founder of the Pace Against ALS community engagement club, the club is more than an extracurricular – it is deeply personal. TwelveContinue Reading

This fall, the Pace community gathered to participate in Hispanic Heritage Month, a month meant to celebrate Latino culture and traditions that extends from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.  While this is not the first time that Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated at Pace, this year the effort wasContinue Reading

On Oct. 16, while seniors took a day off to work on college apps and juniors and sophomores took the PSAT, the freshmen spent a day around Atlanta involved in community engagement. After a brief assembly in the FAC where seniors Klara Andra-Thomas and Blaise Reyes shared their experiences andContinue Reading