Atlanta’s hottest new place for cold treats, Jeni’s Westside Provisions, is nestled among a mecca of famous Atlanta shops and restaurants on Howell Mill Rd. The eatery offers a variety of unique flavors ranging from Bangkok Peanut and Whiskey & Pecans to Goat Cheese with Red Cherries and Banana FrenchContinue Reading

What’s up next for senior Tess Dillon? With a Nalgene filled with her favorite cherry Powerade and her blonde ponytail swaying in the salty gym air, she’s headed to the basketball courts. She refuses to walk onto any court without her “rade” and sweat towel signed by Miley Cyrus. TessContinue Reading

Due to the copious number of missed school days because of Snowpocalypse I and II, Pace administrators have decided to take away the entire Easter holiday in addition to the President’s Day holiday that was lost in February,  “We had to do what is best for the school and ourContinue Reading

The Art Faculty Art Show, not Faculty Art Show as clarified by photography and sculpture teacher Mr. Dorman, was on display in the Fine Arts Center Feb. 18 through the end of the month. The art show gave students insight into what exactly their teachers are doing while not inContinue Reading

The satirical musical “Book of Mormon” hit the stage of the Fox Theater in Atlanta Jan. 28 – Feb. 9, raking in a whopping $2,802, 606 at the box office in just the last week of performances. The musical tells the story of two young Mormons, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price, onContinue Reading

When the first week of January rolls around, Pace Academy faculty members are filled with both excitement and dread. Spirit Week, or “the Week of Spirit” according to Mr. Kates, is a favorite time of year for the student body when each class comes together to accomplish something incredible withoutContinue Reading

When I first began reading “Divergent” by Veronica Roth, I was initially skeptical at the prospect of reading yet another “Hunger Games” wanna-be series. However, “Divergent” proved to be much more than that. The novel, set in a futuristic dystopian version of Chicago, focuses on the life of Beatrice Prior, aContinue Reading

To quote Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady Heron in the classic movie “Mean Girls,” “The limit does not exist.” For Dr. Jere Link, this is definitely the case. A man of many talents, Dr. Link teaches three different classes in three different departments: History, English and Latin. “It is challenging atContinue Reading

Tired of the same old restaurants? Is the usual rotation of OK Cafe, Willy’s and Goldberg’s getting old? Do you want something new and fresh with a fun atmosphere that is reasonably priced? Check out the Atlanta Food Truck Park. Housed just a few minutes up the road from PaceContinue Reading

The trees begin to shed their multi-colored leaves. The days get shorter, the nights longer. Sweaters and Uggs are uncovered after a steamy summer. The air feels crisp and cool. However, here I sit in mid-October, sweating excessively in shorts and a T-shirt. This magnificent fall season is merely aContinue Reading

Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP for short) is a city-wide photography exhibition that has been held every October for the past 15 years. For the 13th year, Pace Academy hosts one of the 109 exhibits that can be seen all over the city. This year Pace is honored to showcase theContinue Reading

Although many of us miss the dingy depths of the foreign language hallway, the random column with no structural purpose in the middle of Mr. Hornor’s old classroom, doorways that only one student could fit through at a time, along with all of the other quirks of our beloved oldContinue Reading