The boys soccer team has had an impressive season and, as of press time, more is yet to come. The team was 12-1 in the regular season, with the lone loss to Wesleyan (0-3) on April 19. Led by Coach Fleming and assistant coaches Kevin Nutting and Declan Traquair, theContinue Reading

In a landmark decision, Pace Academy administrators have decided to remove every single window pane in the Arthur M. Blank Upper School in order to create an open air campus. The movement started when Pace alum and former presidential candidate Jeb Bush made a visit to campus in Fall 2014, and mentioned thatContinue Reading

In February, Kanye West premiered his seventh studio album. Following two days of delays and tweets, the album was released to the public on Valentine’s Day, bearing the controversial title “The Life of Pablo.” Previous names considered for the album include: “Swish,” “Waves,” and “So Help Me God.” The album’s title hasContinue Reading

Gymnastics, often called “le sport de la mort” by its participants, is one of the most rigorous and strain-inducing sports offered by Pace Academy. It’s a big time commitment, rough on the knees, and yet so rewarding. The JV team practices at a minimum four times a week, while varsity practicesContinue Reading

This past year was a great year for cinema. But with the Golden Globes awarded and the Academy Awards ceremony airing soon on Feb. 28, it’s time to look ahead. There are already a number of movies set to be released in 2016. Here is a list of 13 movies toContinue Reading

The Pace food ecosystem, a well oiled machine, lives and breathes complexity. From the moment the food enters the facilities, it is thoughtfully cared for by the professional staff of Sage Dining in order to prepare meals that will satisfy the palates of hundreds of Pace students. You may be familiar withContinue Reading

It’s that time of year again: when leaves begin to fall and the chill returns to the Atlanta air. Everyone knows that the start of fall means Halloween is just around the corner. And with Halloween comes the return of many different flavors to the culinary world, ranging from the pumpkinContinue Reading

The beating sun reflects off of junior Landon Goldstein’s shirt. Behind him sits a small army of Pace students, following his every word as if he were Moses, leading his people to the promised land. The group crosses thousands of feet of grueling terrain, all with one goal in mind:Continue Reading

As the summer months come to an end, one thing enters the minds of 70 young upper school students: cross country season is beginning. After scores of summer runs on the grueling trails of “The River” and “Whitewater,” finally the whole team has begun practice under the guiding and loving tutelage of coaches SteveContinue Reading

As the school year nears the end, both the boys and girls varsity soccer teams have fought hard to bring the Pace name to the spotlight. Both teams carefully refined their soccer abilities and the boys made it to the GHSA Final Four state championship matchup on May 12 against Wesleyan.Continue Reading

  In a shocking turn of events, Pace librarian Matt “El Tigre” Ball has resigned from his position as head of the Woodruff Library to take up his long-standing passion for the trapeze. In his soon-to-be-published tell-all, which was sent to the office of one Lee Wilson last week, Mr.Continue Reading