When flipping through Disney Channel, many kids of this generation are disappointed by the TV shows airing today. “Shows like ‘Lab Rats’ and ‘Dog With a Blog’ have taken over Disney Channel,” said senior Laura Shelton. “I think Disney Channel has definitely gone downhill in the last couple of years.”Continue Reading

Walking to the clinic is not the same anymore as students no longer see the familiar face of legendary nurse Mary Ann Powell. After 10 years as the head nurse at Pace Academy, Nurse Powell has permanently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. “My parents are elderly so I need to be closer toContinue Reading

On Friday, Sept 23 the high school student body surrounded the lower fields, as the high school girls prepared, awaiting the commencement of the annual Powder Puff games. To start off the games, the sophomores and freshmen proudly took the field. Both Kayla Ross and Jenny Luetters scored for theContinue Reading

It’s time to say goodbye to FirstClass and say hello to Google. Although the initial reaction among students was panic, the computer guys are positive the switch to Google is for the better. The Pace community is still a bit apprehensive, having not fully adjusted to the change. “It’s niceContinue Reading