The Knightly News recently held an editorial commentary writing contest with the winner receiving two tickets to the August 10 Taylor Swift concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The contest was open to all Pace Upper School students who were charged with writing an editorial on a topic of their choice. TheContinue Reading

Pace Academy currently has an eight-day rotating schedule. The rotation allows for only six out of eight classes to meet each day, limiting the homework load each night as not all classes meet. Each day begins with an 80-minute period that allows teachers time for longer lectures, labs or learningContinue Reading

Both students and teachers struggle to combat stress every day. Next year, Pace will require that all students take a mindfulness class, focused on reducing stress and anxiety levels. The class will include mindful breathing exercises, yoga and other stress relief techniques.  In order to truly lower stress levels, itContinue Reading

Before the next generation of iPhones comes out in the fall of 2018, Apple plans to discontinue their newest iPhone. Due to the iPhone X’s high price tag (starting at $999) and weak demand, sales are low and Apple is not planning on lowering the price. “The iPhone X wouldContinue Reading

Dreadful standardized tests frustrate juniors as they begin the college process. The SAT and ACT tests consume a lot of time, in that juniors are tasked with doing many hours of ACT or SAT prep and practice tests in addition to heavy work loads, sports and extracurricular activities. The ACTContinue Reading

Pace Spanish teacher Paula Pontes loves everything about Disney from the classic movie “Snow White,” to the magic of Walt Disney World in Orlando. Dr. Pontes first visited Disney World in 2004, and since 2007, she and her husband Diogo Pinheiro have returned every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They also tryContinue Reading

In an effort to let students gradually readjust to Pace’s academic rigor following winter break, many of the core sciences are substituted for minimesters for the first schedule rotation. These science-based classes, in addition to the beloved Spirit Week, prove to lower student stress levels as students ease into secondContinue Reading

First semester is about to end, which means holiday season is right around the corner. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” is playing on the radio and people have begun to deck the halls, but before Christmas comes Hanukkah, the famous Jewish holiday parallel. Gifts are exchanged for theContinue Reading

Winter break is right around the corner, but before students pack their bags or settle in for some serious relaxation, they must get through the overwhelming exam week. With five exams in five days, these assessments are notorious for the stress that comes with them. Some students have already foundContinue Reading

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Are you more motivated to watch television than to do homework? If so, the simple solution may be to exercise. Exercising improves your mood, memorization skills, self-esteem, physical health and much more. If you get a bad test grade or have aContinue Reading

The theme for this year’s Isdell Center for Global Leadership program is conservation. It may seem nearly impossible for one person to make a difference with regard to this issue, but with the efforts of each student, teacher and staff member, the Pace community can together take one big step towardsContinue Reading

Being involved in the newly renamed Community Engagement program is not only a great way to help your community, but it’s also a great way to interact with other Pace students you do not normally see in the classroom. If you play a sport or have a busy schedule, there’sContinue Reading