1. Georgia: 14 Emory University           Michael Starr Georgia Institute of Technology           Cole Campbell           Andrew Jenkins           Jacob Sloman           CharlieContinue Reading

Every year, rumors spread among students and faculty as they discuss and speculate who the graduation speaker will be. Well this year, it is no secret. Journalist Jeff Goodell will grace the senior class with his words of wisdom on coal and other sustainable energy sources. With Mr. Goodell generatingContinue Reading

Looking for a restaurant where you leave feeling healthy instead of overfull and gross? Not even a year old, Flower Child has gained a credible reputation for their positive vibes and health-conscious menu. Like Upbeet on Howell Mill Road, Flower Child’s menu focuses on grain, protein, vegetable bowls, wraps andContinue Reading

After 12 impressive years, Pace will be saying goodbye to beloved upper school teacher Keith Newman at the end of this school year. While Mr. Newman looks forward to moving to Indiana to be near his extended family, he looks back on his time at Pace with pride and describesContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to revisit your favorite romantic comedies, or enjoy a classic you’ve not seen before. Below are a few favorites: “Crazy Stupid Love” is more comedy than romance, but with such a stacked cast, there’s no way you can’t laugh. Steve Carell’s character, Cal Weaver, becomesContinue Reading

A lot of freshmen think that they are prepared for exams since they had a sneak peek in seventh and eighth grade. But really it’s a whole new ballgame in high school, so here’s some advice from the senior class. “Oh my gosh, I used to stress myself out,” saidContinue Reading

With winter break just around the corner, summer seems like a lifetime away. However, there’s no harm in dreaming about your summer plans now. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, or looking to contribute to a community, or even if you’re seeking something new, there’s a summer program out there thatContinue Reading

Juggling hours of homework, extracurricular activities, time for friends and family, and most importantly, sleep, many students dismiss the idea of reading for fun. But Director of Libraries Matt Ball has started a new initiative to promote reading as a pastime called Drop Everything and Read (DEAR). “Besides being fun,Continue Reading

Upon starting to play basketball at five years old, senior Joelle Zelony never imagined being where she is today. Next fall, she will be swapping out her blue and white Pace varsity basketball jersey for the blue and white jersey of Tufts University. Joelle has always loved basketball, but whenContinue Reading

By now, sophomores, juniors and seniors are accustomed to the quick change of pace and the routine of the Pace Academy school year, but freshmen are in for a whole new experience. As a freshman, you may still feel a bit lost, but here are a few tips to helpContinue Reading

Seniors at Pace Academy headed up to Camp Mikell in North Georgia on Aug. 7 for the first-ever senior retreat. “We did the retreat because when I was in high school, I had the benefit of going on several retreats and I know how meaningful those experiences away from schoolContinue Reading

Varsity Girls Volleyball: 2017-2018 AAA State Champions Alexandra Baker ‘19: All-Area Ada Jane Agolli ‘20: All-State; National Sophomore of the Year Finalist; Prep Volleyball Soph 79 List; Prep Volleyball High School All-American – High Honorable Mention Lucy Ferry ‘20: All-Area Dominique Turner ‘20: All-Area Kalissa Greene ‘21: National Freshman of theContinue Reading