Catastrophes of horrendous proportions afflict our decaying institution on a daily basis. One of the hand sanitizer pumps in the cafeteria refuses to dispense anything; you will never observe a single drop of cleansing, antibacterial goodness emerge from that faulty machine. It’s simply absurd. No covered walkway protects students from bitter weather conditions on the way toContinue Reading

After a building spree that added two major complexes to campus, Pace Academy administrators have decided to embark on their next major construction project: the Dr. George Mengert Bridge, which will connect the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School and the Inman Center. The air-conditioned bridge will span from the third floor of theContinue Reading

Apple launched their new iTV about a month ago, with a massive event used to push themselves into the television business. The iTV contains everything one would expect from an Apple product – Siri, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and of course dropped calls and decent service. However, many people wereContinue Reading

Pace students have hectic lives, but thankfully they also have digital assistants to help manage them. The iPhone, the most prevalent device at the Academy, has some great features built-in that can aid people in quickly doing tasks online. However, most people don’t utilize these features. Save yourself some time and use iOS theContinue Reading

On Dec. 15, Pace administration and faculty members toured the new National Center for Civil and Human Rights in anticipation of an exciting new partnership between the two institutions. According to a Pace press release, “The multi-year agreement will create a collaborative environment between the Center and Pace Academy’s faculty, staff andContinue Reading

Senior Kamran Sadiq discusses concepts in AP Biology, trying to stay on top of the massive workload.

In the good old days, students looked forward to senior year: joyous celebrations of youth, no cares in the world, and a year dedicated to honoring intense schooling. Now, calling senior year a “hell hole” is putting it mildly. From loaded schedules to college applications and never-ending leadership obligations, the entire PaceContinue Reading

Looking for a last minute gift for a friend or relative? Check out this list of unique technology gifts that are sure to amaze. All gifts listed are under $100. USB Toaster Hub This quirky little device charges all of your personal electronic devices, in the form of a traditional toaster. WhileContinue Reading

At approximately 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 10, several thieves broke into the Pace Academy Lower School and proceeded to steal over 60 Apple computers from technology labs, laptop carts and other areas. Security camera tapes revealed that several of the crooks were wearing ski masks and broke in through aContinue Reading

The wrestling team went 3-0 in their home opener this evening including a HUGE win against Westminster! The first match of the day was against Westminster. Jonathan Boss had a really nice pin at 126 lbs, Ratcliff, Hadley, Walsh, and Salyer received forfeits, and those that lost wrestled close matchesContinue Reading