As the holiday season approaches, you might be asking yourself: what should I get my friends this year? It’s hard enough to find gifts that your friends will actually enjoy, but even harder when you consider budget and accessibility. Well, The Knightly News has you covered! Here are our favoriteContinue Reading

One of the seemingly most important components of applying to American colleges is completing standardized tests. To satisfy this daunting prerequisite, students across the world pursue one of two paths: the SAT or ACT. On Oct. 8, the creators behind the ACT announced huge changes that will affect the testingContinue Reading

Zoo Atlanta, located in Grant Park, is home to 10 of the world’s critically endangered animals, including the Sumatran tiger of Southeast Asia, the western lowland gorilla of West Africa, and the radiated tortoise of Madagascar. The National Wildlife Federation asserts that human activity threatens the survival of these animalsContinue Reading

“My grandfather was a probate judge in Henry County, Alabama during the ’60s,” said new Associate Director of the Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) Ted Ward. “I was born into that same privilege, and I decided I was going to try to lift people up with it.”  Recognizing hisContinue Reading

This past summer, young Jewish athletes from around the world congregated in Atlanta Jul. 28-Aug. 2 for the annual Jewish Community Center (JCC) Maccabi Games, an Olympic-style sporting competition for kids aged 12-16. Of the 1,600 participants, 21 were Pace upper school students.  The JCC Maccabi Games began in MemphisContinue Reading

The answer is: absolutely not! Encouraged by the great success of this year’s earlier productions “Almost, Maine” and “Beauty and the Beast,” the Pace thespians will enthusiastically debut the spring musical comedy “Disaster!” April 25-27. Tickets can be purchased now through the Pace website or here: Set in 1979 NewContinue Reading

Ever since she was a little girl, upper school history teacher Helen Smith has lived largely and courageously. She has battled her fears, jumped off the diving board, tested Republicans in debate, suppressed student rebellion and traveled across the world to uncover mysterious historical truths. As she sat beside herContinue Reading

In response to Pace’s potential construction of a new natatorium, lower school, sports fields and parking lot, the student body has campaigned to use the money on something that would really benefit them: a revamping of Pace’s “rather dull” and “disgusting” Snack Bar in the Inman Center. Students have complainedContinue Reading

Mrs. Allison Tarvin: happy mother of two, loving wife, passionate chemistry teacher, proud Alabama fan, ex-cheerleading coach… and most recently, Dean of Pace Academy’s Class of 2023. Mrs. Tarvin left her job at Harrison High School in Cobb County to work at Pace and be closer to her husband, PaceContinue Reading

The actors in the Upper School’s Winter Showcase, performed Jan. 24 and 26, brought laughter and warmth to otherwise chilly nights in the most astounding ways. Audience members gathered in the Fine Arts Center for opening remarks and an opening act, and then dispersed in three smaller groups across Pace’sContinue Reading

Finding the right college is often regarded as a stressful and challenging undertaking, as the college process takes time, patience and a lot of research. One of the reasons students prefer independent high schools over public schools is that schools like Pace can provide extensive resources to alleviate some ofContinue Reading