The 2020-2021 school year marked a change in Pace’s college counseling process, as students began to use the Scoir College Network instead of Naviance for the first time. Both platforms function as college-connection websites that allow students to learn about schools, build their lists and communicate with Pace’s college counselingContinue Reading

“It was a dark, dark day,” lamented junior Raina Moseley. “I truly have no words. Even when I saw the footage with my own eyes, I still couldn’t believe it. I stand with students and bibliophiles around the world. Those disgusting beasts must be held accountable!” The “footage” that MoseleyContinue Reading

Knightly News (KN): Hi, guys. I’m glad we could find time to do this. Fred Assaf (FA): We’re happy to be included. KN: Awesome. Well, let’s begin with a simple question. How did you guys meet? Martha Assaf (MA): Oh, well, there are two versions of this answer! His is,Continue Reading

What events define the 15-year odyssey of a Pace alumna back to the castle’s gates? For recently hired Associate Director of MS/US Admissions Heather Bernes ‘05, such a journey included the 1947-mile flight to Los Angeles and two Daytime Emmy awards. Regardless of what transpired along the way, however, Mrs.Continue Reading

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a lot of tough goodbyes within the Pace community: goodbye to drinking water during class, goodbye to participating in chemistry labs, goodbye to having unassigned seats and goodbye to watching your Spanish teacher’s lip movements to understand a language you can barely comprehend. ButContinue Reading

Pace has employed distance learning practices since March 16, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 response guidelines, meant to help contain the virus’s spread. At the time, the Georgia Department of Public Health reported 10 deaths in Georgia from COVID-19. As of May 7, the numberContinue Reading

Prom is one of the most idealized staples of a high school experience. Popular movies and television shows have created a romanticized image of prom that continues to dictate what exactly a “successful prom” should include, and the list typically begins with having a great date.  In the past, PaceContinue Reading

Who is the world’s greatest nonconformist? For upper school newspaper advisor Lee Wilson, it’s Mahatma Gandhi, legendary civil rights and freedom activist. US Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator Omar López Thismón, English teacher Emily Washburn and Director of Libraries Matt Ball all argue in Jesus Christ’s favor. Others like Latin teacherContinue Reading

Following their success with October’s one-act play “She Kills Monsters,” the Pace Academy thespians were back at it again Jan. 24 and 25 for the annual Winter Showcase. While 2019’s Winter Showcase truly made a name for the event, the 2020 production amassed even more esteem and attention, bringing newContinue Reading