There seems to be shortages of everything recently, from food items to car chips, all linking back to a supply chain crisis. There is one shortage, however, that is completely unrelated: Christmas trees. Christmas tree growth has declined for a multitude of reasons, including an increase in artificial tree salesContinue Reading

Just before Thanksgiving, Pace Academy Model United Nations traveled to East Brunswick, NJ with Model UN sponsor Helen Smith, upper school history teacher Christine Carter, upper school Latin teacher Michelle Yancich and librarian Marty Hamburger for the Princeton Model United Nations Conference (PMUNC).  In committee sessions, some students represented countriesContinue Reading

Aircraft have not fundamentally changed since the dawn of the Jet Age in the 1950s with Boeing’s 707 aircraft. Airlines have made plenty of changes— smaller seats, worse food, the abandonment of first class— but the actual plane still stays the same.  A recent focus for environmental efforts has beenContinue Reading

Halloween is approaching and Oct. 28th is National Chocolate Day (not to be confused with World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day), so chocolate needs to be on its A-game. However, in these celebrations, there is an imposter in the world of chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate truly should not even beContinue Reading

    Crafting the perfect fry is a challenging and lucrative endeavor. From the potato to the cut style to the seasoning on top, a 10-out-of-10 fry seeks the perfect balance. Such a task cannot be taken lightly, and out of all the fries in the world, one must reign supreme.Continue Reading