This school year has been wacky, that’s for sure. Students all across the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School have had their fair share of laughs, tears and smiles over these wacky occurrences. “The thing about wacky moments is that they are happening throughout the school day,” said freshman Luisa Whitney.Continue Reading

An unaware freshman waltzes into the photography room, rushing to make her prints and get to lunch. She turns the revolving door in the back of the class, and enters the infamous “dark room.” All of a sudden, she is shrouded in the velvety darkness; nothing is visible. Her eyesContinue Reading

A scared Ben Adair stumbles into a dimly lit room smelling of stale Perrier and Cuban cigars. The confused young man takes in his surroundings, but he cannot forget his purpose for coming; he is seeking a favor from the figure known as “The Godfather.” Ben looks forward and seesContinue Reading

The police sirens cut like a knife through the humid summer air. Junior Sammy Lettes frantically darts through the darkness, attempting to evade the closely-following authorities. Just a few hours ago, this man was the pride and joy of Memphis, the heir to the valuable “zoot suit” fortune. In aContinue Reading

The clock signals the start of D period, and the majority of the student body releases a collective groan as they continue their arduous march towards the next class. However, in the bowels of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, the newspaper staff is already at work. A groupContinue Reading

It’s 9 p.m. on a typical Wednesday night. The blackness of the outside world envelopes the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. However, a lone light from the office of Mr. Augustine Whyte penetrates the velvety darkness. At his desk, the Dean of Students reviews the day’s misconducts: dress codeContinue Reading

The sweat drips down the forehead of junior Jake Movsovitz as he fervently scribbles the final notes on his flow paper. Although he has prepared his 2AC countless times before, he still experiences the same excitement every time he delivers the speech. Jake peers at his worst enemy: the clock.Continue Reading

Junior Jake Movsovitz saunters into the ridiculously humid dining room of his favorite local Indian restaurant, Atlanta Curry and Kabob on Jimmy Carter Blvd. in Norcross. Located underneath a laundromat, the restaurant is an obscure gem of the Atlanta culinary community. Beads of sweat collect on his forehead, as the pungentContinue Reading

  Senior Brad Rubin receives the ball and makes his way towards the net. He takes one last look at the open water before him and fires away. This is the Pace Academy water polo team, a group of water-starved maniacs who spend countless hours in the Pace Natatorium. The group,Continue Reading

Droplets of sweat dampen the dark tank top of senior Jean-Luc Brown as he shrieks at the freshmen siblings to pass an orange between their necks. These are the “Dark Knights,” and this orange-passing ritual signaled the start of a new year under the leadership of the Class of 2016.Continue Reading

It’s the last day of school, and students eagerly anticipate the glorious sound of the final school bell of the year, signifying a three-month liberation from the tyranny of teachers and arduous work. This is summer break, arguably the most cherished time of the year for the Pace community. StudentsContinue Reading

At the beginning of the year, there were many uncertainties as the Pace community faced significant changes. Moving into the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School was a massive shift which could have easily spelled havoc; however, time and time again the Class of 2015 exemplified poise and leadership inContinue Reading

On a chilly Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m., a young flaming redhead by the name of Landon Goldstein artfully hurls the ball towards the basket. He hoists it up, and almost as if by the force of gravity the ball supernaturally is attracted to the orange cylinder. The Pace sophomore hasContinue Reading