Seniors Spencyr Aronson, Maya Kaplan and Sophie Lettes have been selected by local newspaper Atlanta INtown for the paper’s “20 Under 20” list. In addition, junior Michael Fu was recognized as a runner-up. Every year, Atlanta INtown compiles a list of 20 students who have been outstanding volunteers in theirContinue Reading

Most students struggle balancing school, sports and other extracurriculars, but sophomore Norah Wagoner owns and runs her own business in addition to her other commitments. Twist by W is a jewelry brand that was created in August 2016 by Norah and her sister Lily Wagoner. Lily graduated from Pace inContinue Reading

Ruth Minsky Sender is an accomplished author who detailed her experiences as a Holocaust survivor in her memoirs “The Cage,” “To Life“ and “Holocaust Lady.” After imprisonment in labor camps in Germany as a teenager she was liberated by Russian forces and moved to the United States. Today, Ms. Sender’sContinue Reading

When you think of veggie burgers, you probably envision the dry, crumbling texture that comes from a mixture of lentils, soybeans and tofu. The Impossible Burger, a veggie burger made to mimic meat, is just the opposite. It boasts soft, savory “meat” that has a pink interior. With each version,Continue Reading

Do you know the signs of a healthy versus an unhealthy relationship? On Oct. 7, Pace high school students learned about the organization One Love, which aims to educate people about relationships and teach them how to love better. In their morning assembly presentation to the Upper School, One LoveContinue Reading

Feeling anxious but excited, the Class of 2023 departed for Camp Skyline in Mentone, Alabama on Saturday, Aug. 10 and began high school a few days early. Forty new freshmen joined Pace Academy this year, and they were more than ready to bond with the returning students. “I was reallyContinue Reading