As the seniors prepare to graduate tomorrow, they cannot help but reflect upon their time at Pace. Each of them will likely view Pace as having had a significant impact on their lives, even though every student’s experience is individual. 27 seniors have been at Pace since pre-first, which gives themContinue Reading

Pace Academy is known for its excellent faculty, but there is always room for improvement. The Pace teachers understand this and continually strive to become better teachers. To do this, they participate in programs like My Teaching Partner, where teachers record their class and send it to their online partnerContinue Reading

For students who wish to take an AP science but prefer more profound and useful knowledge, a new class is now available: AP Astrology. Science department chair and physics teacher John Pearson decided to share his love of outer space with any students who wish to shoot for the stars. The classContinue Reading

The upper school robotics team heads to the Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge state championship on Saturday, Feb. 18. at Clayton State University. The qualifying matches are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and elimination matches will follow, capped by an award ceremony. The upper school Roboknights won their spot atContinue Reading

Varsity boys and girls basketball had stellar successes in the Region 5-AAA tournament and both teams are advancing to the state tournament. The boys are region champions for the third year in a row, while the girls are the region runners-up after a 39-55 loss in the championship game to Redan High School.Continue Reading

For some high schoolers, the thought of the college process is often accompanied by fear and apprehension. Underclassmen may not know what lies ahead of them, and the junior class is just starting to learn. But Pace has an extensive process to prepare its students for success and acceptance into theContinue Reading

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! To celebrate, you may want to consider a gift for your friend or loved one. For those looking for inspiration, here are some ideas: Chocolate/Candy – Delectable edibles are a classic that most everyone enjoys. This tradition is alive for good reason –Continue Reading

“Doctor Strange,” directed by Scott Derrickson, was a smash hit at the box office when it opened on Nov. 4, and recently broke the record to become Marvel’s biggest single-character intro film worldwide. I consider myself a Marvel connoisseur and I was pleasantly surprised by “Doctor Strange.” The cast wasContinue Reading

It’s almost time for winter break, but first students have to get through exam week. Beginning Monday, high schoolers will sit down in Inman (or in the upper school building for extended time) and take a test on everything they have learned the entire semester. To conquer this daunting task, students should prioritizeContinue Reading

At Pace Academy, high school students have an eight-day rotation schedule. It rotates by having the third and the last period of class drop each day, only for the last dropped period to become the first period the next day.  Generally, two of the eight periods are free periods, unlessContinue Reading

Whether fall’s your favorite season or not, it’s here so you might as well enjoy it. Here is a list of fun activities to take advantage of and to embrace the autumn spirit: Apple Picking. Georgia is home to 16 beautiful orchards that are just a Google search away. AnyoneContinue Reading

With the start of every school year comes Club Fair, and with that comes the return of favorite old clubs and interesting and fun new ones. On Friday, Sept. 16. upper school students poured into the Inman Center for Club Fair, run by Pace Student Council. Like a centipede, the student bodyContinue Reading

Some members of the Pace community have heard of GSA but don’t really know what it is or when it started. Pace Class of 2016 alumni Lizzie DuPree, Mitch Inman and Lexi Rubin formed the Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, last year. They had a mission to make Pace a moreContinue Reading