Looking back at my time at Pace, it’s crazy to think that it was 13 years ago that I timidly shook Mrs. V’s hand before heading into the Randall House for the first time, signaling that my adventure at Pace had begun. At this time, I was unaware of theContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Abby! Abby Ray: Hey! KN: When did you come to Pace? AR: I came in ninth grade. KN: What’s your favorite class at Pace? AR: Hmm. I like Mr. Smith’s class because I like Mr. Smith, but I don’t like math that much (laughs). I also reallyContinue Reading

Hurricane Irma, the College Football Championship, icy roads and cold winter weather have all caused days off from school this year. Students cheer when they receive the long-anticipated text message poems signaling the cancellation of school and another day of relaxation. However, while missing multiple days of school early inContinue Reading

Starting daily at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST, frequent host Scott Rogowsky appears jubilant on viewers’ phone screens, interacting with the game’s players and giving shoutouts to his audience. This display signals that the countdown is over and the players must now eagerly wait for question one to popContinue Reading

Looking at your calendar, you see that Feb. 14 is coming up. You go through the contacts on your phone to look for the perfect date, praying that you are not alone again this year on Valentine’s Day. Upon frantically scrolling through with no luck, you are about to giveContinue Reading

In the Pace Academy Upper School, various fashion trends pop up throughout the year, which attract many students and encourage them to follow the crowd. Many of these trends are short-lived, however, only to be replaced by newer ones. Others occur annually, but only during certain seasons. Although primarily popularContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Jack. Jack Brown: Hi! KN: How has the transition been from middle school to high school? JB: It has been pretty hard, but I guess most people have caught on pretty fast. KN: What do you think has been the hardest part about the transition? JB: Uh,Continue Reading

With a service requirement of 40 hours by the time a Pace student graduates, it is important for them to get involved in service early. This way students are not scrambling to complete the hours as their senior year ends. On Oct. 11, the Class of 2021 was introduced toContinue Reading

Halloween is drawing near, and for those who are too old to trick-or-treat or just looking for something new this year, there are many festive activities to do around Atlanta during the coming weeks. Netherworld This spooky haunted house is not for the faint of heart. Creepy monsters and bloodyContinue Reading

KN: Hey India! India: Hello! KN: When did you originally come to Pace and when did you leave for India? IB: I joined in Pre-First and I left at the end of sixth grade, so this is my first year back. KN: What caused you to move to India andContinue Reading

The arrival of the new year typically brings numerous changes, with one major change this year being the Community Engagement program, formerly known as the Service Leader program. Led by Zeena Lattouf, Associate Director of the Isdell Center for Global Leadership, the program “promotes deep understanding of the dignity andContinue Reading