There is no question the Class of 2020 has experienced a unique end to what is supposed to be the “best year of their high school lives,” but it hasn’t stopped them from looking back at some lasting memories from their time at Pace. From singing “Don’t Let the LightContinue Reading

Math teacher Jason Smith is one of Pace Academy’s most brilliant minds: an intellectual man who seems to have all of the answers to students’ most difficult questions. In addition, he prides himself on being the co-founder of the Pace Academy Pick-Up Basketball Association (PAPUBA) and one of the bestContinue Reading

HBO’s 2019 documentary “I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter” is about a young woman, Michelle Carter, who went on trial in 2017 for encouraging her long distance boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to take his own life. The documentary has attracted a vast range of audiences for itsContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up y’all? Ben Caldwell: Hey, Aman! Lily Kahn: Hey! Are you recording this? KN: Yes. Is that OK? LK: (Light chuckle) Sure.  KN: Alright, so how long have y’all been dating? BC: It’s been about three months now. Wow! KN: Good stuff. When did y’all firstContinue Reading

Before this Valentine’s Day, you were probably scrambling to find a last-minute date. Although there are a lot of fish in the sea, one stands out among them all this season of love. Well known for his laid back personality, hard-working mindset and fashion sense, he is a pleasure toContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up Quincy? Quincy Downing: Sup! How are you? KN: I’m good, thanks. So, what position do you play for Pace football? QD: Right now, I play defensive tackle but next year I’m switching to offensive guard.  KN: Cool. How have you seen the team progress fromContinue Reading

There is a varsity sport that takes place in the computer lab? Yes! Electronic sports (esports), multiplayer competitive video gaming, is now a GHSA sanctioned sport. At Pace, students can now show off their creative minds in the virtual world, playing games such as “Rocket League” and “SMITE,” all whileContinue Reading

Although the scorching Atlanta heat was blazing on Sept. 13 and 14, Piedmont Park still attracted over 200,000 attendees for its annual Music Midtown festival. Amidst a weekend of over 30 acts representing many genres, there were obvious standouts that enticed the crowd. Atlanta natives Lil Yachty and 6LACK (pronouncedContinue Reading

As summer vacation approaches, many students are filling their schedules with trips, summer sports, internships and jobs. Although touring a new city or country can be exciting and eye-opening, there are many entertaining activities to do right here in Atlanta. Need some ideas to crush that summer boredom at home?Continue Reading

“Success and care,” said junior Meghan McMillin when describing photography and sculpture teacher France Dorman. “He only cares about our success and will go to extreme lengths to help us progress in our daily lives through the lens of photography.” Mr. Dorman has transformed the photography department at Pace forContinue Reading

Junior Evan Duncan will be traveling west to the Bay Area soon to pursue his lifelong dream of auditioning for NBC’s hit show “The Voice.” Duncan has had many ups and downs in his musical career and is hoping that this opportunity will boost his career in the music industry.Continue Reading

One of Pace’s most treasured traditions will come to an end beginning January 2020: seniors can no longer sleep at Pace during Spirit Week for liability issues. Every year, seniors look forward to the night before the Spirit Week skits because they get to spend the entire night at PaceContinue Reading