Pace Academy’s current Director of Diversity Rick Holifield has accepted an appointment as the Assistant Head of Upper School and Director of Community Life at The Walker School for the 2017-2018 school year. But Mr. Holifield’s replacement will not be a stranger to the upper school students and faculty. Mrs.Continue Reading

Most everyone has a New Year’s goal, but senior Landon Goldstein truly followed through with his this year. Landon decided that 2017 would be the year he would “get yoked” and become a new man. “I am tired of being called ‘Cankles’ all the time,” said Landon. “I’m more thanContinue Reading

Currently in the United States, one in three adults is obese. The average weight of adults has increased by 26 pounds since the 1950s, according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC). This obesity epidemic brings health tolls: high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Obesity, defined byContinue Reading

In his first month in office, President Donald Trump signed 12 executive orders, almost all of which have created some sort of controversy. These orders are not the only subjects of dispute, however, as Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway brought a new term to the media’s attention: “alternative facts.” On Jan. 23, PressContinue Reading

Over 5 million people worldwide and 1 million in Washington, D.C. marched on Jan. 21 to make their voices heard. Police estimated that over 60,000 people marched in downtown Atlanta alone. But the march did not stop there. The Women’s March on Washington launched a new campaign following the successful marchContinue Reading

Freshmen Every year, freshmen are only given $500 to spend on Spirit Week. They have the difficult task of allocating their small budget across decorations, banner and costumes. The Class of 2020 underachieved with their decorations this year, only using paper cutouts in the gardens between the Inman Center and the Arthur M. BlankContinue Reading

KN: Hello, Molly and Brian! Brian Sloan: Hello, I’m Brian. KN: How long have you been dating? BS: Should we get the exact amount? Molly Levine: Over two years. Two years and… BS: Four months. KN: What was your first official date? BS: We went to OK Cafe. KN: WhatContinue Reading

At 10 p.m. on Dec. 2, Pace Academy Board of Diversity (PABD) members gathered three trash bags and two suitcases of jackets, sweatshirts, hats, scarves and socks along with two cases of water bottles and multiple plastic bags of granola bars and bananas. After the home basketball game, 13 studentsContinue Reading

KN: Hey, Annabelle! Annabelle Critz: Hi, Alexis! KN: How’s it goin’? AC: Good! How are you? KN: I’m great. How has sophomore year been? AC: Mr. Hornor is slowly ruining my life. Other than that, I’m doing fine. KN: Who’s your favorite Pace teacher? AC: Ms. Stevens. KN: Why? AC:Continue Reading

New York City, New York. Dayton, Ohio. Ferguson, Missouri. Florence, California. Madison, Wisconsin. Vineland, New Jersey. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Milwaukee and St. Paul, Minnesota. Charlotte, North Carolina. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. San Francisco, California. What do these cities have in common? All have been publicized as places where black people have beenContinue Reading

In a generation dependent on the internet and social media, we have found ourselves turning a sports rivalry into a heated argument. This past month, one Facebook post spun into a thread of intense, and at times acrimonious, comments. Originally, the post by senior Molly Jacoby on her Facebook page was centered aroundContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Ibum! Ibum Obu: Hey! KN: How are you? IO: I’m doing quite well! KN: I hear that you dance. Where do you dance? IO: Where? My bedroom and my kitchen. KN: How long have you been into dancing? IO: My brother is trying to make it bigContinue Reading

In the spring of 2016, college counselor Lee Nuckolls announced her departure from Pace Academy. The mountains were calling her back out west, and it was time for upper school students and staff to say goodbye. Seniors who previously had Ms. Nuckolls as their college counselor were reassigned to Amy Secor or GavinContinue Reading