Looking at the movies released in 2021, there were a variety of genres that made noteworthy films. With recent blockbuster titles such as “Dune,” Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” the film industry has produced entertaining movies over the course of the year. There are still thrilling movies to look forward to toward the end of the year. In the last two months of 2021, Marvel Studios is releasing both “Eternals” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” With the movies that have already been released for a sum amount of time, students discussed what their favorites were to watch.

Space Jam: A New Legacy hit theaters on July 16. @wbpictures on Instagram

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” was released on July 16, 2021 as a second movie to the original 1996 “Space Jam.” In the sequel, a rogue AI traps NBA superstar LeBron James and his little son, Dom, in digital space. To return home safely, LeBron joins Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the Looney Tunes group in a high-stakes basketball game against the AI’s digital champions of the court, the Goon Squad. Students had differing opinions on whether the movie lived up to their expectations. “I liked watching Space Jam because it brought back a classic movie that everyone can relate to. LeBron James is one of my favorite athletes currently, and it was really cool to see him somewhere besides the court. I watched the movie with my little cousin too, so I have great memories watching it with him,” said sophomore Jake Miller. Many other peers agreed with Miller, but some other students did not find the same enjoyment from watching the film. “The original was so much better than the second. I was really disappointed after I watched the second movie,” said sophomore Ross Bernath. “Space Jam: A New Legacy” has very mixed reviews among classmates on whether it was one of the better movies released in 2021 or not.

Emma Stone and her co-stars pose for the cover of Cruella. @disneyplus on Instagram

As an extension to Disney’s “101 Dalmatians,” “Cruella” focuses on the early parts of the villain. Arriving to Disney Plus on May 28, 2021, the movie stars Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone who embodies the role of Estella. Estella is a young and clever thief who is intent on gaining recognition for herself in the fashion industry. She quickly finds a pair of criminals who share her fondness for mischief, and the three of them make a living on the streets of London. When Estella befriends fashion legend Baroness von Hellman, she embraces her dark side and transforms into the riotous and revenge-driven Cruella de Vil seen in the original “101 Dalmatians.” This movie has a lightheartedness to it, while still bringing action-packed scenes, so it can be enjoyed by all ages. “101 Dalmatians is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I love Emma Stone, so I was really excited for this movie to come out. I highly recommend it,” said junior Caroline Cole. 

Two important characters converse in an intense scene. @paramountpictues on Instagram

Like “Cruella,” “A Quiet Place: Part II” was also released on May 28, 2021. After the first movie aired in April 2018 and was a major success, the sequel reached a record peak for pandemic films in box office sales within the first weekend of its release. Following the deadly events at home in the first movie, the Abbott family confronts the dangers of the outside world while fighting for survival in silence. When they are forced to continue into the unknown, they quickly learn that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only dangers that await them beyond the sand path. “A Quiet Place: Part II” was the most popular movie out of the list of 2021 movies shown to students. “I thought I wasn’t going to like this one as much as the first, but I thought it was a really good sequel that stayed true to the first film,” said freshman Nora McClenaghan. The cast, story, directing, cinematography, visual effects and sound design are all aspects of the movie that received plentiful compliments from the public. This sequel did not disappoint fans and brought exciting new continuations to the initial plot.

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