Dorothy Hutcheson joins the Pace community as the Head of the Lower School. Photo: Pace Academy

This year, Dorothy Hutcheson joins the Pace family as the Head of Lower School. She is not a stranger to Atlanta because Mrs. Hutcheson is a Westminster Alum. After her time at Westminster, she studied at Duke University and graduated magna cum laude, which is a very impressive academic achievement. Throughout her career, she has worked as a teacher, counselor and many other roles in schools.

Even though she grew up in Atlanta right down the street, this year is her first year ever on campus. Mrs. Hutcheson became the Interim Head of the School last fall, but she said, “I came over and fell in love with the school and I thought what a great opportunity this will be.” She quickly fit right into the community and is beloved by all of the students and faculty of the Lower School. She is extremely impressed that at Pace everyone fits into the community because of all of the different opportunities available.

She has some favorite aspects of the Lower School. In the morning, she loves greeting all of the students at the entrance of the Lower School because it is a great way to start the day. Mrs. Hutcheson looks forward to reading to the kids in the newly renovated Sony Family Library. She said, “There is a spot where the kids get to read to in the library, and the kids get to sit on these really comfy benches that look out toward a window, and when you look out the window you feel like you’re kind of in a treehouse.” She loves this spot because it feels like she is in a fairy tale. She cherishes every moment she gets in this reading nook to sit down and relax with a great book.

Mrs. Hutcheson thinks that it is important for children to be able to use their natural curiosity. She said, “I am excited to have a design thinking studio and assigned a dedicated science lab for the Lower School.” She loves walking up and down the hallways looking at the different design thinking projects.

While Mrs. Hutcheson is not at school, she could be found watching and cheering on the Duke Blue Devils Basketball team. Especially this winter, she is ready for the basketball season. At the moment, she is looking for a new walking place in Atlanta to walk her dogs. Before coming to Pace, she lived in California and New York, so she cannot wait to check out the art scene in Atlanta. Mrs. Hutcheson is officially the permanent Head of the Lower School and is excited for the years to come.

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