One of the most stressful tasks of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for family and friends, especially when on a budget. Hopefully, these gift ideas will relieve some of the stress and make it a more enjoyable experience! 

The perfect slipper for this holiday season is found on Amazon. PHOTO: Amazon

For moms: During the cold winter months, everyone just wants to curl up in cozy clothes near a fire. Fuzzy slippers are the perfect gift for mothers because they are comfortable and warm. Some people might splurge on the UGG slippers, but there are also dupes that are just as good on Amazon for a fraction of the price. These slippers will definitely be a fan favorite this year.

This grill will fit any cooking needs. PHOTO: Amazon

For dads: Any dad will truly appreciate this gift. It is a grilling and barbecuing set with many different types of tools. Now, your dad will have everything he could dream of when it comes to cooking. There are many diverse sets out there and some of the most affordable are on Amazon starting at only $32. This gift will be put to use especially during the holiday season. 

Everyone needs this waterproof speaker. PHOTO: Amazon

For brothers: Who does not like listening to music? A waterproof speaker makes it easier to relax and listen to the best music while in the shower or even just doing homework. These speakers are typically smaller and more portable which enables them to be brought anywhere. This gift is great for anyone whether they want to listen to music at home or on the go.

Fit in with the new fashion trends with these fun claw clips. PHOTO: Amazon

For sisters: The new in-style claw clips are the perfect gift for sisters. Claw clips come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They also work for all types of hair and are a fun way to add an accessory to any outfit. This variety pack of Claw clips is fairly cheap, ranging from anywhere from $9 to $16. 

The KONG is one of the best dog toys on the market. PHOTO: Amazon

For the dog: Dogs should always be included in the family especially when getting gifts. The best dog toy is the KONG, keeping them occupied for hours. Treats are put into the KONG, creating a game for the dog as they try to get the treats loose from the toy. The KONG price ranges from $8 to $20, and they are extremely durable. 

Customized blankets are a great way to show thought in a gift. PHOTO: Amazon

For friends: A thoughtful gift for a friend is a customized blanket. This way the blanket becomes special to your friendship rather than an ordinary blanket. The blanket could possibly contain some favorite memories or inside jokes. Your friend can cherish it forever. This customized blanket varies from $35 to $50 which is a pretty great deal.

Lastly, when in doubt, everyone loves a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. Remember to include a thoughtful card with the gift to wish your friends and family a happy holiday!

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