GSA members pose for a group photo! Photo Credit: Allison Silverboard

The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) has been extremely active this year. Led by Senior Allison Silverboard, Senior Madison Auchincloss and Junior Jae Lieberman, the GSA provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and allies. Assisted by faculty sponsors, Director of Libraries Matt Ball, US History Teacher Mindy Lawrence, US World Language Teacher/US English Teacher Michelle Yancich and Associate Director ICGL/US History Teacher Ted Ward, GSA anticipates a year of promising success!

Starting off with Spirit Day on Oct. 21 and leading into Pride Week, GSA has organized many events. On Spirit Day, students were encouraged to wear purple and dress down in support of their LGBTQ+ peers and faculty. By wearing purple, students were able to back the LGBTQ+ youth against bullying. Quickly following, Pride Week was jam-packed.

Starting on Oct. 25, GSA began hosting different events each day to celebrate Pride Week. Silverboard helped put together a dance party in the gardens to kick off the festivities. The dance party featured LGBTQ+ music artists such as Lil Nas X and Lady Gaga. “The purpose of this activity was to celebrate the progress that LGBTQ+ activists have made throughout history,” said Silverboard. However, the Pride Week activities did not stop there.

On Oct. 28, GSA organized a bake sale under the tent. All of the proceeds from the bake sale went toward the Trevor Project. It is an organization devoted to providing mental health resources and aiding in suicide prevention for the LGBTQ+ youth community. Their website allows for easy and safe access to counselors, chat rooms and resource centers. Finally, to wrap up Pride Week, GSA hosted a luncheon with LGBTQ+ Affairs Director for the City of Atlanta, Malik Brown. 

The luncheon took place on Oct. 29 on the terrace during the students’ lunch period. Faculty were also invited to attend as the event was a “pop-in” experience. Organizer Mr. Ward said, “The luncheon gave students the opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of how advocacy and activism look at the governmental and nonprofit level.” Malik Brown was also able to share about his upbringing and his involvement with the Human Rights Campaign.

Although the end of October brought the end of Pride Week, GSA remains active. Recently hosting joint meetings with the Black Students Alliance (BSA), GSA continues to open its doors to the Pace community. 

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