Senior Carly Appel was elected as Student Body President for her fourth year serving on student council. Photo: Carly Appel

Knightly News: Hey Carly! How are you doing on this fine Monday night?

Carly Appel: I’m good, how are y’all?

KN: Just peachy. I’m so glad we get to chat with you. Our first question for you is: Being that this is your fourth year on Student Council as president, what made you want to join and why did you run for the position of president?

CA: I really got interested in Student Council in eighth grade when we were talking about dress code and I wanted to be able to bridge the gap between the student body and the administration. I think that my strengths and leadership skills lay in the presidency position.

KN: (in unison) Facts, Carly. What is your main goal as Student Body President?

CA: I feel like coming out of COVID, our main goal would definitely be to bring back school spirit and strengthen our Pace community after a year when our community wasn’t as together.

KN: Going off of that, do you have any word on what the Spirit Week plans are for this year or what that is going to look like?

CA: We are looking for a basically normal Spirit Week. Masks will definitely be involved but it’s looking good so far for the usual traditions as far as dances and the senior sleepover.

KN: Speaking of masks, I don’t know how much control y’all have over that, but do you know if Pace has any plans of dropping the mask mandate second semester?

CA: I think that Pace will start doing that if we get our vaccination rates up and if the Fulton County mandate drops.

KN: Get vaccinated, kids! Are there any upcoming events or new changes that you can hint at that the student body would be excited about?

CA: Right now, we are planning a Valentine’s Day dance-

KN: Oh baby. Will Asher Pollack be returning as the DJ?

CA: Asher Pollack will be returning. I know after an exciting Homecoming, he is excited to get back to Pace for another dance.

KN: I am a little bit disappointed it’s not DJ Blak Magic. But I know y’all are just holding him out until our last Prom.

CA: Yeah, he’s actually in Egypt right now, I think.

KN: I feel like he’s always in Egypt. At this point, it must be his home.

CA: That’s facts.

KN: No, he actually built the pyramids. Let’s talk to Mr. Hornor about that. What would you tell other students who want to get involved in Student Council?

CA: I would say, just run. That’s the easiest thing you can do. And look out for the opinions of your peers and make sure you’re listening to everyone’s voices and opinions. Make a great campaign.

KN: Obviously we are seniors this year, so what are you most excited for and most nervous for this year?

CA: I’m definitely most excited for senior Spirit Week and GAP Day. I’m most nervous about keeping the senior theme a secret because I know it’s bound to get out. I want us to do a really great job of keeping that a secret and planning a great GAP Day.

KN: Do you have any advice for the freshmen?

CA: I would just say, take it all in. High school goes by faster than you think, and one day you’ll be leaving Pace and the home you’ve known for a while, so I’d say, just embrace it.

KN: Great advice. So the Student Council for our grade has looked the same for quite a while, so could you just touch on the dynamic between yourself, Kargil, Alky and Cole?

CA: It’s been really cool getting to bond with those three guys over the past four years-

KN: Especially Alky?

CA: Especially Alky. And it’s been great working alongside them. We kind of all work together in our own ways to make sure that our grade’s voices are heard.

KN: Thank you so much, Carly. Have a lovely night.

CA: Thanks, y’all.


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