Juniors, sophomores and even freshmen——life comes at you fast. All of a sudden, the class of 2022 is in the midst of applying to colleges, and many will be hearing news soon (hopefully more good than bad). I’d say most college processes are successful, in large part thanks to the outstanding work of Pace’s college office. But, success does not mean perfection. Everyone makes a few mistakes that they wish they could go back in time and fix. Hopefully, the seniors who contributed to this article will help you all steer clear of some very avoidable mistakes. 

Seniors Jaxon Willoughby and Henry Smith offer their advice to underclassmen. Photo: Gabriel Kadoori

Gabriel Kadoori:

Start looking at colleges now, because it is never too early. “Let’s go see a college this weekend,” my mom insisted during my sophomore year. “I’m 15, mom! We have soooo much time!” Boy, was I wrong. Senior year crept up out of nowhere, and I had visited a grand total of one college. I’ve scrambled to visit as many colleges as I can each weekend, and although it’s been really fun, my grades have definitely taken a hit. I would advise each of you to start visiting colleges here and there on long weekends so that you at least have an idea of the type of college you would like to attend by the time you’re a senior. 

Carly Appel:

“Start brainstorming and writing essays ASAP,” Carly advised. “They take up a ton of time and are super important.” This statement could not be more truthful. During a stressful senior year, the last thing you want to be doing is writing your Michigan supplemental essays at 11 p.m. after you’ve already spent an hour reading “Tartuffe” for Ms. Durlin’s class. If you’re able to, start writing your Common App essay and maybe even some supplementals over the summer as you head into senior year. 

Kargil Behl:

Continuing off of Carly’s essay advice, Kargil suggests that you leave time on weekends to work on your supplements. “I usually write while watching the Falcons in the background every Sunday,” Kargil said.

Hannah Genser:

Well, it seems like the college process has beat up senior Hannah Genser. When asked what her one piece of advice for underclassmen would be, Hannah responded “Just die. No, like seriously, just give up as early as you can.” 

Henry Smith and Jaxon Willoughby:

Henry and Jaxon allow us to end on a more positive note after Hannah’s depression-inducing statement. Henry urges underclassmen “not to worry about the college process, as it’ll all work itself out.” Jaxon insists that you “follow your passions and don’t stress yourself out. Stay organized, set realistic goals, and you’ll have a successful college process.”

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