As the holiday season approaches, there are many fun and festive traditions that are crucial to this time of the year. No matter what holidays you do or do not celebrate, the winter is a time of celebration, festivity and happiness for all to enjoy. 

Depending on the weather, snow can be a staple of winter. If it happens to snow this year and Pace is rewarded a snow day, there is nothing better than going outside and taking part in various snowy activities, such as sledding, building a snowman and, of course, snowball fights. Whether it snows or not, there are still many fun activities to try, like driving around after dark with friends or family to look at the holiday lights and decorations in nearby neighborhoods. If you are not in the mood to leave your house, there are numerous movies to watch, such as “Elf,” “A Christmas Story” and “Home Alone.” “Will Ferrell makes my holiday season fantastic,” said junior Charlie Fleming. The movie, “Elf,” is a key part of my Christmas, and I love watching it over winter break.” 

As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, make sure to bundle up and dig up your winter clothes from the year before. Two key footwear items that are essential for the holiday season are Uggs and slippers. These shoes will guarantee comfort and warmth come wintertime. Other cozy articles of clothing to wrap yourself in flannels and beanies, two classics when it comes to winter clothing. Sophomore Christian Johnson says, “I can’t wait for it to get cold outside each year, so I can start to wear my flannels to school.”

Thanksgiving and the holidays come with their very own distinct foods and dishes, which are mandatory for these occasions.  “I love when it’s time for Thanksgiving because that means pumpkin pie, which is simply the king of all pies,” said senior Josh Reed. After Thanksgiving time has passed, it’s time for winter cuisine, which is just as good, if not better. A good food-related activity you can do with your loved ones is making gingerbread cookies and then decorating them into a gingerbread house. And you obviously cannot forget a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate, no matter the scenario or time of day.

Arguably the most important part of the holidays is the decorations and festivities that come with it. While decorating the interior of your home, the most important decorations are obviously a big, green Christmas tree, as well as stockings, ornaments and garlands. For the exterior of your home, lights, wreaths and inflatables are fun ways to show your festivities and spread the holiday spirit. Decorating creates lifelong memories for you and your family and helps put everyone in the holiday mood. 

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