Uyghur Muslims held in internment camp in Xinjiang, China. Photo: BBC News

The Chinese government has incarcerated more than one million Muslims in internment camps since the Chinese Communist Party gained control in 2014, yet the world has stayed silent for the most part. Every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the phrase “Never again, never forget,” is tossed around. But, it seems that we have forgotten, as governments around the world stand idly by while a religious genocide is once again taking place. 

The ethnic cleansing of the Uyghur Muslims in China is a complete human rights violation. In addition to being placed in “re-education camps,” hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims have been sentenced to prison terms without due process. While many countries including the United States have denounced the events taking place in Xinjiang, China, appropriate action has not been taken. With the 2022 Beijing Olympics around the corner, it seems as if the Biden administration is ready to take a stand against the country. 

Beijing is a tricky issue to address, as President Biden aims to denounce China without punishing American athletes who have dedicated their lives to preparing for these Olympics. In somewhat of a compromise, the Biden administration is expected to announce a “diplomatic boycott” to protest against the Chinese government’s human rights abuses. This means that American athletes will still participate in The Games, but the President himself and other government officials will not be traveling to Beijing. The solution allows for President Biden to show America’s disapproval of China’s actions without negatively impacting hard working American athletes. 

America’s diplomatic boycott is a starting point, but much more needs to be done. While I understand that President Biden and other leaders around the world don’t want to keep their star athletes from competing in the Olympics, stopping China’s crimes against humanity should take priority. Simply put, it’s wrong that China is being allowed to host the 2022 Olympics. I hope that going forward, world powers take a stronger and more effective approach to putting an end to the genocide that’s taking place in front of our eyes. 


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