A puppy waits at the Atlanta Humane Society before adoption. PHOTO: Avery Lipman

October is National Adopt a Dog Month. There are dogs and other animals all over the world in need of a caring family, and there are many organizations trying to make this possible. It is our job to provide a loving home for the numerous dogs still waiting to be adopted.

According to National Today, “The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sponsors and promotes Adopt a Shelter Dog Month every October.” The American Humane Society has been encouraging people to adopt shelter dogs during Oct. since 1981, meaning this year marks its 40th anniversary.

According to American Humane, 3 to 4 million animals are put into shelters annually, hoping to be adopted. Of these animals, 1.5 million cannot find a family, so they are sadly euthanized or put to sleep. In 2016 alone, 56% of sheltered dogs were euthanized. Savannah Young, a blogger for American Humane, provides examples of how you can do your part in preventing the euthanization of dogs. If you decide that you want a dog, adopt, do not shop. If you already have a dog, get them spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies. ID your pet, so when they get lost, they can be returned home. Donate supplies to your local shelters. Lastly, consider adopting older dogs because they are at a higher risk in shelters than puppies are. 

There are many organizations in Atlanta helping solve this problem, one being Furkids. They are “the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter in the Southeast for rescued cats and Sadie’s Place, a no-kill shelter for dogs,” according to their website. They state that “approximately 1,000 animals are in the Furkids program today, in the Furkids shelters, 10 PetSmart and Petco adoption centers, and more than 400 foster homes in the Atlanta area.” On Nov. 6, Furkids is hosting their monthly Buckhead Petco Adoption Event, so if you are looking to adopt a dog, this is the perfect opportunity.

There is a community engagement club at Pace that has partnered with Furkids, with Senior Morgan Neill as the club leader. “I started working with Furkids because they didn’t have a lead for the club this year, so I reached out to Mr. Ward to be the lead because I’ve always loved animals and wanted to help out” said Neill. The nonprofit organization has saved over 55,000 animals since its founding in 2002, with over 500 current volunteers. “My favorite part about working with Furkids is getting to meet new people while also getting to help out a no-kill shelter” said Neill. If you are interested in helping animals and want to get involved with this organization through Pace, contact Neill for more information.

Another animal shelter in Atlanta is the Atlanta Humane Society. On their official website, they say that their mission is “to improve animal welfare in the southeastern United States by providing quality animal services, including preventive initiatives, education, advocacy and adoption of animals into permanent loving homes.” They are a no-kill shelter, and they have orientation for people who want to try fostering animals about twice a month.

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