As Halloween approaches, there are many different films that students and teachers alike can watch. Here are the undisputed top 5 movies to watch this Halloween season.




5. A Quiet Place -To start off the Halloween season, a well-produced horror movie like “A Quiet Place” is just the film. This movie features countless jump scares and plot twists that will definitely get your heart racing. Throughout the movie, Lee Abbott, played by John Krasinski, and his family, try to remain silent in order to stay safe from monsters. Viewers experience the terror of ultrasensitive hearing that hunts the characters throughout the film. 






4. IT — There is nothing that says Halloween more than clowns. You know what’s better than clowns- killer clowns. “It” is the perfect flick to embrace your irrational fear of clowns. “It” is especially great if you love nightmares! The main character, Pennywise, grasps every aspect of a horror movie villain you want; he is visually scary, violent and unpredictable. 








3. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown — While Halloween may be all about spooky season, there are many other peaceful and pleasant aspects of this holiday. You simply cannot pass Halloween without a classic Charlie Brown movie. “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” encompasses everything you want from a wholesome Halloween movie with pumpkins patches, costumes, trick-or-treating and the friendly faces of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and others. This movie is great to watch with family and younger audiences.





2. Ghostbusters — This timeless classic is a Halloween staple. With the mesmerizing acting from Bill Murray and the hilarious plot, this movie is fantastic. “Ghostbusters” has demons and just about anything you want from a Halloween movie, not to mention a Pillsbury Doughboy the size of an office building. This acclaimed movie has been nominated for the Golden Globes, Academy Awards and Grammys, a testament to how phenomenal this motion picture is and its spot at number two.






1. Halloween — No movie represents Halloween like a movie literally called “Halloween.” Perfect for Halloween night, the main character Michael Myers hides behind a frightening mask and goes on a killing spree. “Halloween” is sure to chill your spine, especially when watched in a dark room with a good sound system. Furthermore, this movie has been nominated and won many awards. This film is sure to make your Halloween way more sinister than just any other horror or scary movie.

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