The Pace Fall Fair theme this year is a Carnival to represent the community coming together. PHOTO: Pace Academy

The Pace Fall Fair takes place at Riverview from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 30. This year’s theme is Carnival Knights. Carnival represents a large festival and celebration so that the Pace community can just have fun after a long, hard year. When talking about the theme, Co-Chair of the Fair Rosalia Arora said, “We really wanted to be in one place and make it all about a big party.”

The co-chairs of the Pace Fall Fair this year are Chin Yee and Rosalia Arora. These Pace mothers have taken on a large responsibility and are very excited for how the fair will turn out. This event usually is a way for all of the Pace families to come together, including all of the parents and siblings. It represents the strength of our community and what Pace is. 

Everyone is excited for the Pace fall tradition to continue after a year without it. Most of the past favorites are back like the inflatables, food trucks, karaoke and more. Plus there will be new activities like Carnival games and mini golf. “We are keeping a lot of the rides … but the new stuff will be the putt-putt and the flash tank,” said Rosalia Arora. 

There are a few big changes this year compared to the previous fairs. “We’re only opening it up to the Pace community,” said Chin Yee. Even though the Pace community will miss the outside community that supports them, it will give the community a chance to come together and get to know each other. “I think we’re focusing on the community and community building because I think we all missed that last year,” said Chin Yee. Also, Riverview will be the venue of the fair this year. As a result, all of the activities will be closer together.

Everyone is very excited about the Fall Fair and supporting the community. “It’s nice to have Pace traditions back, especially the Fall Fair because it has always been one of my favorites,” said junior Cele Camp. Many students have not experienced a Fall Fair yet, which brings even more excitement. “I was new last year, so I have not experienced a Fall Fair yet, so I am very excited to see all of the fun activities and spend time with my friends this year,” said sophomore Priyanka Thotakura. The new students should all want to go because of all of the activities, food trucks and rides. After the fair, the Pace women’s flag football team will play at Riverview, which just adds to the excitement. Everyone should come out to the fair to play some fun games, eat and then go watch the flag football game right after.

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