The softball team poses for a team picture. Photo: paceacademysoftball on Instagram

Some sports teams at Pace have created student-led Instagram accounts to inform both students and parents about upcoming events and other general information about their teams. So far the softball, water polo and volleyball teams have accounts.

The Instagram accounts are used for a variety of reasons by all of the members of the teams, from posting memes, information about the players and of course updates about the team and their performance.

The softball Instagram, run by sophomore Libby Jonas, mainly posts about players on their team, serious or not, and more recently, game recaps. They encouraged students to travel to the Riverview Sports Complex and support Senior Marissa “Tina” Goodman for their senior night game and their playoff games. Jonas said “We made an Instagram as a way to show what we’ve been doing during the season because unlike most fall sports, we aren’t practicing and playing on the main school campus,” said Jonas. “We try to keep our content fun and support other Pace teams while doing so.”

The water polo account, run by sophomore Lane Canova, takes a more serious turn about their team and posts most often about their game results. Additionally, they update fans on their record and encourage fans to come out and support them in their matches. Canova said, “The water polo Instagram was a fun way for us to tell people about what was happening throughout our season and to grow the popularity of the sport.”


The volleyball account, run by senior Megan Hardesty and sophomore Dhru Lalaji, began posting videos from their practices and inviting fans to come out to their games. However, more recently the team has posted player profiles, which introduce all the players on the team. The team also posted about their senior night game featuring a video about the five seniors on the team. Lalaji said, “It’s a good way to show people where you are and what kind of activities you are doing.

These Instagram accounts have gained lots of popularity and are rapidly growing in followers. Many Pace students look forward to the daily Instagram stories or hilarious videos that are posted. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see which sport will create the next Instagram account.

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