The original “Gossip Girl” characters (top) sit on a limousine and the new “Gossip Girl” characters (bottom) sit on the steps of the Met. PHOTO: Us Weekly

HBO Max recently launched a reboot of the CW’s “Gossip Girl,” a show about a blogger who goes by Gossip Girl and reveals the biggest secrets of Manhattan’s elite. The original show began in 2007 and went on for six seasons until 2012. Even though the two shows have the same name, they are different in many ways.

The first obvious difference between the two shows is the characters. The original show is centered around four upper-class high school students: Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass, as well as two lower-class students, Dan and Jenny Humphrey. The new “Gossip Girl” has many more main characters: Julien Calloway, Zoya Lott, Obie Bergmann, Max Wolfe, Audrey Hope and Aki Menzies. The lower-class characters in the reboot are the teachers at Constance Billard and St. Jude: Kate Keller and Jordan Glassberg.

Dylan Kickham of Elite Daily goes into detail about the similarities between the characters from the original show and the new show. Kickham says, “A new batch of Upper East Siders may be creating scandal all over New York City, but for fans of the original ‘Gossip Girl’, many of the new characters might seem a bit familiar.” Kickham believes that Julien is like Serena, Audrey is like Blair, Max is like Chuck, Aki is like Nate, Obie is like Dan and Zoya is like both Jenny and another recurring character, Vanessa Abrams.

Another key difference is the person behind the Gossip Girl facade and the timing of when the identity of the infamous blogger is revealed. In the original show, the producers wait until the series finale to reveal who Gossip Girl is, and it is none other than, spoiler alert, Dan Humphrey. In the reboot, Gossip Girl’s identity is revealed right away to be teacher Kate Keller trying to exact revenge on her students. Because of the different timing, the new “Gossip Girl” moves at a much faster pace. Gossip Girl being a teacher in the reboot makes it very different as the teachers are not very involved in the storyline of the original “Gossip Girl” unless personally involved with one of their students. 

Because the original series takes place during the late 2000s, social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are nonexistent. Gossip Girl is a blog and “tips,” or secrets, are sent in through emails. The reboot is centered around social media, specifically Instagram, as Gossip Girl gets her tips through DMs. The cast of the reboot is also much more diverse than the cast of the original show. There is the representation of African Americans, Asians and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Stemming from the original title, the new “Gossip Girl” offers a more modern take, appealing to the current generation. However, the original will always be a favorite, bringing us the characters we know and love as well as an ever-engaging storyline.

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