Former Pace students gather for dinner for their five-year reunion. PHOTO: Retta Carolin

The class of 2016 met on Oct. 2 at Ormsby’s for their five-year reunion to rekindle old friendships and catch up after being disconnected for five years. A good number of people showed up to the event where stories and new life updates were shared among everyone. Former Pace students at the reunion included Erica Kahn, Ethan Robinson and Emma Laura Gash, who are all flourishing in their everyday lives after graduating five years ago. 

“Although our whole grade did not show up, it was so wonderful seeing everyone who did! We all caught up on the past 5-6 years, and it felt like nothing had changed,” said Kahn. The reunion reminded Kahn of all of the memories and aspects she missed about Pace. “The teachers were all so incredible and always created such a bond with every one of their students. Spirit week sits on top of my favorite memory, being a part of it and having your grade come together to form a dance/banner/etc. was always so much fun. I’ll always miss being a part of the student section at sports events too,” said Kahn. Post Pace, Kahn attended Indiana University where she majored in advertising. Currently, she is living in Chicago working at StarCom where she is the Senior Associate of the Mobile Team and creates and executes campaigns for StarCom’s client, Best Buy. “My future will be to continue to expand my career in Media. I can definitely thank Pace for giving me the knowledge and expertise on what it takes to become a hard and dedicated worker, and that is what I strive to do every day in my career,” said Kahn. 

Arriving at Pace as a freshman in 2012, Robinson was involved in many activities in the upper school including Model UN and the varsity soccer team. “I miss the Pace community, the school spirit and most of all, the people. Some of my lifetime best friends were ones I met at Pace,” said Robinson. Following his gap year in Israel, he studied Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently working on the business development team at Illuminarium Experiences, a cinematic immersive experience that just opened on the BeltLine in Atlanta. “Since moving back to Atlanta after I graduated from college, I have reconnected with many of my classmates and am lucky to get to see them and make memories with them now as young professionals,” said Robinson. 

Emma Laura Gash came to Pace in seventh grade and enjoyed every second of her middle and upper school experiences. During her time in the upper school, she participated in athletics including soccer, tennis and cheerleading, as well as yearbook and many other activities. Gash attended Ole Miss: the University of Mississippi where she majored in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minored in Biology. She has been working at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta for over a year in the Heart Institute and was recently accepted into Emory for the Nurse Practitioner program. “We really had a good amount of people attend from all over just for the reunion. I felt like nothing had changed since high school, and it made me so happy to see faces I had not seen since graduation or even in the last couple of months,” said Gash.

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