Apple depicts its newest and most innovative features. Photo: Apple

After almost a full year since iOS 14, Apple created iOS 15, a new update to their technology that came out on Oct. 1, 2021. It made changes to security and software and also has new features to make the phones more usable in everyday situations. Freshman Zachary Segall enjoys the new update and the exciting features that come with it. “I always look forward to the updates because they give me new technology while still on the same phone,” he said. 

The focus of the new update is to make the phone more useful for the technology we often use today. It made a change to the FaceTime app called SharePlay that allows you to share your screen while talking so you can share what app you are looking at and interact in ways like watching a movie with someone on FaceTime. It also lets you have a wider screen so you can have a larger view of each other and change your appearance while on the app such as blurring the background and putting a grid on Group FaceTime. This function is especially helpful because Zoom is used so often in our world, and it can now be used on a common iPhone app. 

Another feature that came with the new update is spatial audio technology which makes a surround effect when listening to music or any audio track. This creates a new experience when listening to music and makes it more enjoyable overall. Sophomore Claire Easterling says that this is her favorite part of the new update because it makes listening to any sound more exciting. “I like the nature-themed noises it sometimes makes because they are very calming,” she said. Easterling also enjoys the notification manager called Focus that groups notifications to eliminate too many coming in at once. “It makes me less distracted by all the notifications I get and only focus on the most important ones,” she said. 

Also, iOS 15 adds small details to the system that can help in very large ways. For example, it is now possible to copy text from a picture and paste it elsewhere directly from the photo app. Segall thinks this is one of the best features because it can help so much with daily life. “It is something that I had always wished I could do on my phone because it is so helpful for homework and studying,” he said. More features include a Shared for You section in Safari where links received from emails and messages are stored. Users now have the ability to track a phone on Find My up to 24 hours after it has died. 

Users everywhere are excited to start exploring the new iPhone features, and iOS 15 gives them a perfect opportunity to use new and advanced technology efficiently and easily.

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