Some of the cast members posing together during rehearsal. Photo credit: paceacademytheater Instagram

On Oct. 21 and 22, the Upper School theater program performed “Metamorphoses,” this year’s One Act. “Metamorphoses” by Mary Zimmerman is an adaptation of The Book of Ovid and is centered on different tales of Greek mythology. The students were able to use their creativity to make it special and unique. Also, the show this year was largely not impacted by COVID-19. During the performance, audience members still had to wear masks, but the actors were unmasked, so the audience could enjoy the facial expressions of the cast.

Director of Fine Arts Sean Bryan directed the One Act but commends the students for bringing their own skills and ideas to the play. “I love the creativity that the students are bringing to the show. The element of shadows and shadow work, and how we can help tell the story through live action and live shadows is something new that we haven’t done before and something that the students and I have really enjoyed,” said Mr. Bryan. “The show is built by all 20 actors, and they really do all the work.”

The show was 45 minutes long, and each of the actors had their own feature moments, while doing other work on stage for the rest of the show. “There is no break for them during the performance,” said Mr. Bryan. Each of the actors are of equal importance. “It is a strong ensemble piece. There really is not anyone that carries the show,” said Mr. Bryan.

Head of PR and Announcements for the Theater Department Oliver Loree was one of these cast members, playing Erisicthon, a man in a Greek myth who is cursed to forever be hungry. “My favorite part of this year’s One Act is our Midas scene. I’m really excited to see our new freshmen talent,” said Loree.

Pace will also be entering the GHSA One Act Competition. “We participate in the GHSA One Act because we want to celebrate the work that we do and the work done by other schools. We want to go and see the work that they do and really enjoy creating art and getting a chance to share that with a different community,” said Mr. Bryan. “I’m looking forward to our regional, and hopefully state, shows. Every time we practice we get better, so I hope that we can get as many chances to perform this show as possible,” said Loree.

Pace came out as runner-up at regionals, but three members of the cast were individually recognized. Senior Mollie Meyerowitz accepted the award for best crew and technology. Also, Junior Oliver Loree and Freshman Nicholas Demba were chosen to be in the AA All-State Cast. Go knights!

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