Senior Jonathan Merlin, leader of Knight Capital, teaches students investment skills. Photo: Gabriel Kadoori

The Pace Academy investment club “Knight Capital” is one of Pace’s most popular clubs, which helps educate students about investing, stocks and growing wealth. A generous, anonymous donor donated $50,000 for the members of the club to invest in different companies that they determine to be the safest and best chances for expanding their revenue. At the end of the school year, the profits they generate are donated to the Pace Booster Club to support Pace athletics, leaving the club with the original $50,000 to reinvest the following academic year. 

“Knight Capital is a great way to not only be involved with the school but to learn economic skills for the future,” said club Vice President Brooke Brumfield. Over fifty members of the club get to learn about different stocks, S&P 500, inflation, investing confidence and interest. The club once a week during break, making it very accessible to all students.

Last year, the club focused on GameStop and AMC stock. COVID-19 was a frequent topic for the group as well, with students studying its effects on stocks, where to take risks and what to invest in as the economy evolves over time.

“Business and investing have always interested me, and I like how I can learn about the economy and strategies to buy, sell and trade as intelligently as possible,” said Sophomore Martin Andra-Thomas. This is the club’s entire goal: to cater to the hungry, monetary minds of Pace students and educate them early on how to be smart financially. In their meetings, members are encouraged to propose stocks they think could be successful, give their own inputs and discuss among themselves where they should invest the money.

Upper School English Teacher and the club’s faculty sponsor Robert Kaufman said, “My goal is to empower students to learn more about financial literacy and feel confident that they can invest in their adulthood.” This club is a fantastic opportunity if you are interested in the market and trading to begin to grasp information in this field if you are hoping to study business in college or potentially work in this profession.

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