Kate Grice, Drew Martin, Katherine Heineman and Alexa Ibarra compete on the freshman powderpuff team. PHOTO: Reed Millner

Friday Oct. 1, 2021, the upper school competed in the powderpuff game. These games are a tradition that happen every year during homecoming week. In the powderpuff games, girls from each grade compete against each other in flag football. The boys participate as the cheerleaders and coaches of the teams as a way to support the girls. 

After not being able to do it last year, everyone was excited. More than half of the upper school had never participated in a powderpuff game before, so it was a new experience for most students. Each grade had their own color T-shirts to wear during the game: freshmen in yellow, sophomores in purple, juniors in green and seniors in blue. Many people could not participate because of their fall sports, and sports like cross-country, football, volleyball and cheerleading could not play because of either conflicting practices or games. 

There were two games. The seniors played the freshman in the first game, and the juniors played the sophomores. The game’s rules were similar to football, but instead of tackling each other, they pulled each other’s flags off. The referee left before the games started, so some senior boys acted as the referees. During the first game, the seniors and the freshman battled it out, but the seniors came out victorious. The prize for the victorious team included bragging rights, creating a competitive yet supportive environment.

“It was fun because we just got to laugh and have fun with each other. The game wasn’t serious or anything so it was fun to just mess around,” said Audrey Welch. In the second game, the juniors fought hard against the sophomores, but in the end the sophomores won in a last-minute touchdown. “It was fun to play and a great opportunity to experience somewhat how the boys feel when they play football,” said sophomore Morgan Miller.

Hopefully, all of the athletes and students that were unable to participate this year will get the chance to join in on the festivities of powderpuff. Everyone had a great time during this friendly competition, and it fired up students for the football game later that night.

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