As Pace upper school students return to campus this year, they are missing a valuable source of knowledge and friendship which has helped guide them: the Class of ‘21. Now, they spread across the country. Since their graduation in May, these former students have gone above and beyond, ventured across the world, begun their college athletic journeys and so much more. While COVID-19 is still impacting them, they are, for the most part, on campus and are experiencing a college year with only slight change.


The New School has taken a hard hit due to the delta variant numbers in New York. However, Jack Brown has been making the most of it, exploring the city that is now his new home. He describes New York as “entirely different to Atlanta in all the best ways” and never misses an opportunity to explore his neighborhood, often going to outdoor markets or thrift shopping. He plans to pursue creative writing, with a minor in Spanish, and already met professors that make him feel “infinitely excited to begin studying.” He feels very fortunate to go to a school that requires vaccination, keeping COVID-19 outbreaks to a minimum and allowing him to experience his college life to the fullest.



Jayden Thomas left for the University of Notre Dame this past summer to start summer workouts for the upcoming football season. Formerly known as Pace’s star wide receiver, Thomas described his highlight of college so far as “meeting my new teammates. It was different to adjust to playing with a whole new set of people, but it’s been working out.” Number 83 on the field, he is also been wildly successful off the field, enjoying his classes and all that Notre Dame has to offer. Exploring his new school has been very exciting since he is on campus, and experiencing in-person classes. The fighting Irish have gained an excellent addition to their student body!


Brown University has not yet begun to welcome its students in, however when they do, these classes will be in-person, thanks to Brown’s small class size. Laura Romig expressed her happiness at being able to become a resident of Providence, Rhode Island and lives on the lovely campus instead of at home. “Although I’ll miss Pace cross-country, I look forward to going on runs along the river in a new city!” says Romig. Also a soon to be brown bear, Michael Fu, spent his summer in Chicago and running summer camps across Georgia. Him and Romig both spent time with their friends and family, preparing to say goodbye to Atlanta.



Meanwhile, over at the University of North Carolina, Kate Mallard is reconnecting with former Pace students, who are now her classmates and sorority sisters. Trying to become as involved in student life as she can be, she has joined pickleball club, intramural tennis and the women’s business club. However, her favorite club is the healing and harmony club. “This service club allows me to go to hospitals and sing to recovering patients, providing them with comfort and entertainment,” she said, describing her volunteering. Other highlights of college life have included bid day and meeting TikTok stars, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards.




Gus Thomas has already begun his college journey at Boston College, which currently has a hybrid of online and in-person classes, and is “amazed by the level of kindness, intellect, and relatability” his faculty and peers portray. Studying economics in the Morrissey college of arts and science, he plans to also incorporate his successful past as former student body president with a double major in political science. This summer, he picked up sailing as a surprising new hobby, and plans to join the team when it begins later this year. 

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