Senior Margo Kaye poses with her favorite menu items from Willy’s Mexicana Grill: a chicken burrito and chips with queso. Photo: Meghna Singha

If you enjoy eating at popular southern Mexican food chains such as Willy’s, Moe’s and Chipotle, you most likely have a favorite. This is a common argument of those who enjoy eating at these Tex-Mex spots. Each restaurant has its pros and cons; however, everyone thinks their favorite is clearly the best option.

Die-hard Chipotle fan Frank Caldwell said, “Chipotle all the way, it’s not even close. Their meat is juicer and more flavorful than any other.” Chemistry teacher Matthew Smentek said, “The white rice with the cilantro is definitely a deal-breaker … the guacamole is absolutely the superior of the three.” Clearly, you can see how passionate customers are about their preferences. The common rebuttals found against Chipotle are its price, lack of sauces and their queso. Many would say this is the detriment of Chipotle, lacking taste, and paying triple the price you would to the marvelous Moe’s Southwest grill. Cheapskate Chipotle also makes you pay extra for chips and salsa. This is disgusting, any authentic Mexican restaurant you will eat at provides these complementary since it is a cuisine staple. Anyone dining at a Mexican eatery knows that this is a big no-no and earns Chipotle the privilege of not deserving business.

On the other hand, queso enthusiast Porter Kendall said, “Moe’s queso is the best queso ever and it’s not even close, especially when paired with their crispy chips.” This is a strong point for Moe’s as well as their friendly staff. Many consider Moe’s to be the best, which it clearly is, for the strict quality control of their food. Such as every time you indulge yourself into a Moe’s corn tortilla chip, your mouth is met with a strong, present crunch, explosion of flavor, and perfect sprinkling of sea salt. However, when you eat at Willy’s, you will frequently receive chips, dripping with oil, which are flimsy and bend when you attempt to eat them, precisely the opposite of what you want from these vessels of flavor and sauce. When you walk into a magical Moe’s establishment you are instantly greeted by a warming “Welcome to Moe’s,” from one of their friendly food artists, and quickly noticing the appetizing ambiance of the joint, with their welcoming colors and furniture.

The fan-favorite Willy’s is the most popular among Pace students likely because it is down the street from the school. “Willy’s is good because they incorporate fresh ingredients to give an authentic Mexican feel while still being in proximity to the Pace campus,” said by radical Willy’s bandwagon Davis McMillan. Although it is quite popular, many fans of Moe’s and Chipotle believe Willy’s wins due to its location and not because of its food, which is a nice way of saying the food is trash. Similarly, their drink selection is basic and underwhelming compared to supreme selections offered by Moe’s with their Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, which contains any drink you desire.





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